Are Your Beliefs What’s Really Keeping You Stuck in Dieting Craziness?

Are Your Beliefs What's Really Keeping You Stuck In Dieting Craziness?


We all have beliefs, stories and thoughts that make us who we are today. Sometimes they hold us back; sometimes they propel us forward.

Which do yours do for you?


Mine were holding me back…

I remember it like it was yesterday. But it was over 12 years ago now.

It was about 9 p.m. on a Friday, and I was hungry (so hungry). So, I ate the only thing I had around, which I wasn’t petrified of eating this late – a 100-calorie pack of fat-free pretzels.

I then went to the gym to “work it off.” I was filled with so much shame from doing this. I couldn’t believe that I had to show up (late and alone) on a Friday night at the gym to work off a bag of 100-calorie pretzels…


At the time, I thought my “food rule craziness” stemmed from fear of gaining more cellulite, thicker thighs, or a bulgier lower stomach, but what I found (when I was really ready to stop being at war with myself, my body and food) was that my beliefs were keeping me majorly stuck.

Uncovering these beliefs sure wasn’t pretty, but it was the beginning of a life-changing turn. You’ll see this when you’re ready to uncover your beliefs too.


The beliefs I found looked like:

I’ll only be happy if I weigh this much.


I’m not deserving of love, as I am right now.


I’m not good enough, as I am right now.


I’m not pretty enough, as I am right now.


I’m not enough.


It was a lot to take in.

But, it showed me what I needed to learn:


We can’t take care of ourselves the way we need to (to live a healthy happy vibrant life) when we don’t believe we’re worth it. When we don’t love ourselves. When we don’t think we’re enough, just as we are right now. {tweet it}

I didn’t need another diet, food fad, or exercise trend. I needed a huge dose of self-kindness, compassion and love – we all do.


The truth is when you’re trying to change your relationship with your body and food, if you haven’t done the inner work, it’s like trying to download an iPhone 6 app on an iPhone 5 – it’s not going to happen (and stick) unless you change your inner programming.

So – take a step back. Uncover your beliefs. Allow yourself to feel your feelings and hear your truth. What beliefs are holding you back? What thoughts are keeping you stuck? What stories do you tell yourself that need to be rewritten, changed, deleted, or let go?


Once you’re clear on the beliefs that are keeping you stuck:


1. Write your beliefs out

Simply discovering what beliefs are holding you down is a huge step in the right direction. We can’t change what we’re not aware of.


2. Get comfortable with your beliefs

 Observe (don’t judge) your beliefs. Get to know them. How long have you known each other? Where did you meet? What keeps the belief going? Write about it. Think about it. Talk about it. Walk on it. Feel your beliefs out. Get comfortable with them. As soon as you become truly comfortable with your beliefs, you take away their power (and that’s where the real magic is).


3. Challenge your beliefs

Are your beliefs really true? If so, where’s your proof? Or, are your beliefs assumptions to protect against your fears and insecurities?


4. Change your beliefs for the better

 Your beliefs are just that – beliefs. You can rewrite your story at any time. Choose a story that serves you. Adopt beliefs that propel you. Pick thoughts that elevate you. We always have a choice. Choose self-love. Choose you. You’ve tried this beating yourself up thing for so long now, why don’t you try something new?


5. Practice your new beliefs daily

In a way that feels true to you, call upon your new (loving) beliefs every day. Whether that be journaling about them, meditating on them, visualizing them, or simply reciting them (over and over) when you feel yourself going into fear – recall them daily. Eventually, they’ll manifest into your truth.


At any minute of the day, you can change your perspective. Opt for self-love over self-hate. Because you are perfectly imperfect, right now, just as you are – really, truly, and honestly. And once you begin to breakdown the beliefs that are keeping you stuck, you’ll be able to see just that.


With love,