12 Traits of Authentically Kind, Strong Women

12 Traits of Authentically Kind, Strong Women

A large part of my work is coaching women to get MORE. More happiness, more life, more laughter, more self-love, and more self-acceptance.

Allowing them to deepen their connection with themselves and ultimately, become stronger.

But what does stronger mean?

While it can mean different things for different people, there are 12 traits I almost always consistently see amongst kind, caring, compassionate, strong women…

1. They don’t take things personally

Instead they understand that others’ are on their own path and the reason that person is coming off as passive aggressive, short, rude, or mean has to do with how they feel about themselves, not others. Authentically kind, strong women have the viewpoint that everyone is trying the best they can, allowing them to treat others with compassion and stay grounded in their own energy.


2. They observe instead of judge

They stay awake and aware of themselves, others, and their surroundings. Basically, they’re observing and self-reflecting. Instead of judging and blaming. The insight that comes from this allows for powerful decisions to be made. They can keep the actions, thoughts, things, people, and work that is serving them and begin to let go of what is no longer serving them. They have a deep understanding that it’s their job to show up and create the type of life they want to live – and that they have the power to do it.

3. They exercise self-kindness

They may get upset or feel down with themselves, which is totally normal, but they move on. They choose to learn from what happened and exercise self-compassion and kindness instead of allowing themselves to beat themselves up for hours or days. They let it go.


4. They use difficult times and people as teachers

Authentically kind, strong women get that there will be challenging times and people who show up. But, instead of feeling helpless or wasting energy disliking someone, they shift their perspective and use that situation or person to exercise kindness, compassion, or perhaps boundaries (whatever it is that needs to be learned). They adhere to the mantra that life is our biggest classroom.

5. They own their actions

When they’re wrong, they admit it. When they mess up, they stand up. When they need to apologize, they apologize. Authentically kind, strong women love themselves and aren’t afraid to own their actions – they never blame and they’re always real – and people love them for this.

6. They communicate their needs and feelings

Whether they need help, something is feeling off, or they just need someone to listen, they’re not afraid to reach out and ask for help. This allows them to feel heard, important, and supported.


7. They’re not afraid to stand alone

They enjoy their own company and view alone time as a sacred time to take a few deep breaths and reconnect with themselves.


8. They forgive … a lot

Self-forgiveness and forgiveness is an essential part to their happiness. They view things as “win-learn” instead of “win-lose.” And they easily forgive. It doesn’t mean that they always agree with the other person’s actions or words, but it means they love themselves enough to let it go and move on.

9. They know they’re always evolving

Personal growth is a huge piece of joy for authentically kind, strong women. They subscribe to the idea that as long as they’re alive, they’ll grow and they’re continually seeking new books, courses, classes, and mentors to help them do so, regardless of age.

10. They’re not afraid to try

If you never try, you never know. That’s the viewpoint they take. They view life as an experiment and they take what works for them and leave what doesn’t. But they’ll never know what does or doesn’t work, if they never try. So, they aren’t afraid to try and if they are, they do it anyways, allowing them to grow.

11. They’re happy for others success

Authentically kind, strong women truly want others to succeed. They believe in abundance in the Universe and know there’s enough good to go around. And when that “good” hits home for their family, friends, and inner circle, they couldn’t be filled with more joy. Happy, like-minded people bring them up.


12. They use others as their mirror

If someone triggers them, they realize a wound has been reopened and that it has nothing to do with the other person. They understand that the other’s actions or words simply hit upon a past hurt that needs more healing. So they focus on healing the wound that needs more care, and they’re grateful for the person who showed up to help them do just that.

While all of these traits read easily, they’re not always practiced easily. But when they are practiced and when you’re reminded of them, they’ll drastically shift your outlook to be one of more peace, which is pretty groovy and truly life-altering. If you do want more practice living these things (as I think we all always need because again, they’re a practice!), you may really enjoy my free 10-day self-love challenge. It’s some of my most favorite content I’ve created and the feedback has been so beautiful. You’ll actually learn how to put some self-love tools to work – and not just talk about them.

Lastly, as always, remember to go easy with yourself. You really are doing the best you can.

With so much love XXO



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