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If You Feel Lonely & Want to Make New Friends but Don’t Know Where to Start

Do you ever feel lonely? I do. Especially being someone who works from home. You see – the thing is – I thought it was only me… But the more I started talking about loneliness with girlfriends (or even random people at local coffee shops, on my walks, or at yoga), I soon discovered I wasn’t alone. And when I saw that 72% of adults admitted to feeling lonely … I thought OMG – I’m even more NOT alone in these random creeping feelings of loneliness. Which really got me ...

The Things We Aren’t Taught

  Yesterday, I was talking to my dad on the phone. Deep in conversation (our conversations are more like mutual therapy sessions), he says something along the lines of, “No parent ever tells their kid when they’re little, ‘Welcome to the world, life is going to be hard.’ But that’s the fact of the matter. You’re going to have peaks, and you’re going to have valleys and the hope is that your peaks are more often than your valleys. But they’re both a part of life.” I pause, waiting. I ...

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Wellness & Nutrition Coach

Entering the field of nutrition, I believed our health and wellness to be about food. Some aspects of the mind, yes – but mostly about the food. Well into the field of nutrition and wellness, a few hundred clients and years later, I see it’s  about the mind. Some aspects of food, of course – but mostly about the mind. As a nutrition and wellness coach, here are the 5 biggest things I’ve learned so far.     1. Inner change before outer change Our thoughts are our inner programming. ...

7 Ways to Listen to Your Internal Voice

Your thoughts, feelings, self-talk, and gut feelings all make up your internal voice—that little guiding voice inside of you. Your internal voice is like the gauge for your feel good factor. When you follow it, you feel better. When you ignore it, you feel lost, empty, and a little off track. Whether you’re making a big business decision, embarking upon a new chapter in your life, entering a new relationship, or deciding whether to partake in a certain social situation this weekend, your internal voice is the one you need ...

10 Ways to Bust Out of a Rut

The other day, the man in my life told me I haven’t been the same over the past month. Not as happy. Not as cheery.  Not as “me.” So of course, being who I am and doing what I do, I started some serious thinking on what has changed. I also bought a gigantic new vision board that I’m working on, the  book The Happiness Project (so far, it’s amazing), and started doing the worksheet that I have clients fill out before we work together. Yes, I take my own ...

How to Destress in Seconds

I’m sharing with you a vital tool in my life. I really only share this with clients. But, since it’s helped so many with binge eating and emotional eating (not to mention simple everyday stress), I had to let you in on it. I learned this trick in the 6th grade from a therapist who came into my class to talk about destressing techniques-ha! And ever since that sixth grade day, this tool has transformed my reaction to stress–thank goodness! You can do this anywhere at anytime and no one ...

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