Food & Body Image Coaching

Do you find yourself relentlessly comparing yourself to other women’s bodies and food choices?

Food and Body Image Coaching

Is your frustration with your body starting to make you feel crazy and preventing you from living a life where you feel free, calm, and confident?

Are obsessive food thoughts, or thoughts like what you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat starting to affect your relationships and how you feel about yourself … But you don’t know what to do about it?

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable in your body (and your clothes)?

Do you feel like you’ve tried every diet and plan, but you always end up back where you started… or worse off than before?

Are you exhausted by constant food and body thoughts?

Do you crave food freedom and body trust and being able to live your life feeling free and peaceful and happy – NOT constantly thinking about calories, food rules, or the size of your body?

Look, I get it. And I’m here to help you get it too.

But more importantly, I want you to know that it’s possible for you to feel happy and healthy and most importantly, at peace in your body and NOT consumed by what to eat or what you ate, your jean size, or obsessive food and body image thoughts. In other words, you can feel good in your body, normal around food, and connected with yourself again.

Food and Body Image Coaching

Hi. I’m Corinne. I’m a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition – and I’ve spent nearly 10 years helping clients take back their power from food, feel confident in their body, and reconnect to themselves.

I work with women (from all over the world) struggling with body image and food fears, and who are looking to seriously get off the diet roller coaster and feel confident in their clothes, eat what they want (without guilt), and develop deep connections that make them truly happy.

My work centers around mindful and intuitive eating, self-awareness, the health at every size approach (HAES), breaking through old wounds and beliefs, self-compassion, and the belief that you create your own reality. And that everything you already need is right there inside of you.

It’s my job to help you rediscover your own innate wisdom and to start healing your relationship with food, yourself, and your body.

So let’s help you heal and feel more confident in your body and with food starting now.

As someone who has been there done that with diets, I knew restrictive diets made me rebel and binge. I cannot even begin to list all the changes I’ve noticed since working with Corinne. It was a game changer for sure. I have never felt so strong and secure in my own body, and I give her so much credit for that change. I am 100% certain that I would have never achieved my breakthroughs without Corinne’s guidance. Corinne’s genuine compassion paired with her wealth of knowledge and experience is just what I needed after everything else had failed me far too many times. She connected the dots between nutrition, emotion, and confidence to achieve my success.”

– Elizabeth B, San Diego, California

The scale no longer has power over me! I immediately thought of you and was so thankful for all the work we did together. It was amazing! In all my adult life, I’ve never been able to look at the number on the scale and not let it control me. I no longer beat myself up over it. I wanted to let you know what a huge impact you have had on me and my view of myself. Transformational! So thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Nicole K, Boston, Massachusetts

Whether I’m feeling good and successful, or feeling like a failure and discouraged, Corinne is right there for me, helping me all along the way to feel good about my progress, while normalizing my set-backs. I’m so grateful I found such a kind, genuine, positive and enthusiastic coach in Corinne to make this major hurdle in my life possible to clear with grace and dignity. Corinne is a gem and really goes the extra mile to assure my success.”

– Emily P, Corte Madera, California

Since working with Corinne, I’ve stopped a yearlong binging cycle in its tracks and while I’ve had “slips” along the way, my bouncing back has been much faster than days past. The most noticeable change has been that I can feel beautiful at any weight. That idea doesn’t resonate every hour of every day, but it certainly has come more frequently since we started working together.”

– Taylor W, Larkspur, California


How much is a session?

My fee is $200 per 60-minute session OR $300 for TWO 60-minute sessions per month, for a minimum of 3 months. This includes unlimited email support in-between sessions, coaching insight notes after each session, and homework designed to help you move forward in your food and body image journey.

That’s expensive. Why do you charge so much?

I hear this a lot. But in reality, it’s not a lot, especially when you need support and you’ve decided that you want to feel good in your body, eat what you want without guilt, and feel confident in your clothes. Seriously, THIS is one of the most priceless, freeing things you’ll ever feel. You see, we can either stay stuck where we’re at (and moan about it or tell ourselves it’s not possible for us), or we can reach out and get support.

You see – today – I’ll always choose support, but I didn’t use to be like this because I didn’t believe I was worth it. Well, this mentality was keeping me from feeling healthy and happy in not only my body but with food, my life, and relationships. SO … Which will you choose – staying stuck or getting support? And look, I know it’s scary and uncomfortable. But to be honest, it’s scary because it’s important to you, and it’s uncomfortable because you’re going outside of your limits… BUT that’s the only place you grow and see REAL change.

Plus, I charge what I charge because I know I’m good. In other words, I can actually help you. And if I don’t think I can, and if you don’t think we’re a match (we have to like each other for this to work), I won’t work with you. This is why I schedule a 20-minute Zoom discovery call with every potential new client. We need to see if we’re a match. Also because I know your worth too. And when you’re invested on all levels, the work we do together allows you to show up and really heal your relationship with food, yourself, and your body. And please know I didn’t just throw up a website, call myself a coach, and start demanding boatloads of cash. Yes, there are those who do that. I’ve been doing in-depth nutrition, food, and body image work with individual clients for nearly 10 years, virtually and in real life. And I’m one of the best. Partially because I care so gosh-darn much. And partially because I know what I’m doing to help you feel confident in your clothes, eat what you want without guilt, and develop deep connections that make you truly happy.

Before every session, I’ll get clear on what you want to walk away with and that’s where we’ll go in our session. What clients really love and cherish for months to come (sometimes years) are the wrap-up notes I send. After each session, within 24 hours, you’ll receive your coaching notes with insights from the session, nuggets of inspiration, and specific homework from me to you.

Who is food and body image coaching for?

Food and body image coaching is for kindhearted souls who are really ready (I want to emphasize the really part) to get off the diet roller coaster and to start living life. It’s for women who want to heal their relationship with food and their body and who are ready to heal from disordered eating and the diet mentality. It’s also for those who believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and who are open, willing, and ready for a totally new approach with food, self-care, and body image. The work we do together is really about learning how to care for your body and yourself, so you can begin feeling free and not controlled by food, what to eat, your weight, or other’s opinions. PLEASE KNOW: If you’re looking to work with me for weight loss, you’re in the wrong place. Because quit frankly, dieting doesn’t work. If they did, would there be so many? The truth is, within 2-5 years, diets have people gaining all the weight they lost back, plus some. The work I do with clients allows them to get to know themselves on a deep level. And it empowers them to honor their body’s own innate wisdom, which is something that will never go out of style.

How do you work with clients?

I work with clients online via Skype or Zoom video (or phone, if preferred) from anywhere in the world. It’s pretty groovy.

How long will I have to work with you until I start seeing changes in my relationship with my body and food?

I wish I could answer that. But unfortunately, this isn’t cookie-cutter type work. Each individual is different and needs a different coaching experience. Some clients just need a few sessions and direct guidance. Some clients need weekly sessions for the first couple of months and then just monthly check-in sessions. And some clients need every other week sessions for six months. Every experience is different and unique to you.

But I will tell you that my goal is not to have you see me forever because that means I’m not doing a good job. My coaching work is designed to put you back in your power and is only for those who are really ready (again, I want to emphasize the really part) to move forward. Typically, after the first session, clients begin to feel relief and are already starting towards their healing journey with food, their body, and themselves.

What will I get if we work together?

If we work together, you will feel confident in your clothes, normal around food, and connected with yourself again. In other words, your relationship with food, yourself, and your body will radically change to one of ease, confidence, and freedom. PLUS… As long as we’re working together, you’ll get support and guidance throughout your entire food and body image healing journey. You will have unlimited email access in-between our 1:1, virtual video coaching sessions. Because you will need this as you grow and heal, and you want someone in your corner, rooting you on. You’ll also get plenty of love notes from me to you. Plus, homework and wrap-up notes after each of our individual sessions, which clients adore and keep for years to come.

I want to feel better in my body and not confused and emotionally controlled by food, but I can’t afford to work with you 1:1. BUT I really want to! What should I do?

I totally get it. Which is why I created my online course, Ditch the Diet. Get MORE. The full online, go-at-your-own-pace course will teach you a lot of the things that I share in my individual coaching sessions, but at a much more affordable price. Check it out here. Also, make sure you’re a part of email community. You’ll get coaching emails plus a free Self-Worth Starter Kit. You can join my community and get your free gift here.

I’m in! I want to get started with food & body image coaching ASAP!

Amazing. Please click the button below. It will take you to a form to fill out. Once you fill out the form, I’ll email you within 48 hours to schedule our 20-minute introductory call to see if we’re a match.