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Food & Body Image Coaching

Find food freedom, heal your body image & reconnect with who you are as a WHOLE person

Food and Body Image Coaching

Hello and welcome!

If you’re here, you may be wondering if food and body image coaching is for you. If so, I invite you to do a little “self audit” by answering the below questions.

Is your frustration with your body starting to make you “feel crazy,” or is it preventing you from living a life where you feel free, calm, and confident?

Are obsessive food thoughts, or thoughts about what you “should” or “shouldn’t” eat starting to affect your mood and how you feel about yourself … But you don’t know what to do about it?

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable in your body?

Do you long to become an intuitive eater and feel normal around food?

Do you want to exit the exhausting (not working) dieting world for good? But aren’t sure how to do so. And, if you’re really honest with yourself, you’re afraid to.

Do you struggle with handling difficult emotions and as a result, turn to food to either numb out or try to “control” the situation?

Or, maybe you crave being able to live your life feeling free and peaceful – NOT constantly thinking about calories, food rules, or the size of your body?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, I can help.

But more importantly, I want you to know that you can feel at peace in your body and NOT consumed by what to eat or what you ate, your jean size, or constant food and body image thoughts.

In other words, you can feel good in your body, normal around food, and connected with yourself again.

Food and Body Image Coaching

Hi. I’m Corinne. I’m a Body Image Coach, Non-Diet Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition, and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. I help clients make peace with food, heal their body image issues, and reconnect with who they are as a WHOLE person.

I work with clients virtually (all over the world) who are struggling with food and body image issues. More specifically, I work with individuals who want to break free from chronic dieting because it’s exhausting, emotionally draining, and not working – PLUS it only makes you feel worse.

I also work with clients with various levels of disordered eating and body image issues, those who want to exit the yo-yo, roller-coaster dieting world for good, but aren’t sure exactly how to do so (and usually are afraid to), and clients who want to approach nutrition and health through a non-diet, intuitive eating, self-care lens.

My work centers around intuitive eating, body image work, radical self-care and compassion, the Health at Every Size® (HAES) approach, and the belief that everything you need to heal your food and body image issues is already right there inside of you.

In my work, a healthy relationship with food and your body is NOT about achieving a certain number on the scale. It’s about learning how to listen, connect, and care for your body –  and yourself – on a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

My job is to help you rediscover your body’s own innate wisdom, so you can start making peace with food, feeling better in your body, and connecting with yourself, as a whole person. Because… YES, this is possible for YOU.

What You Get with Food & Body Image Coaching

deep dive intro

A 75-Minute Deep Dive Intro Session

Here, we’ll review your Food, Body Image & Health Questionnaire, explore your goals, take a deep dive into your relationship with food and your body image, address immediate concerns and lingering questions, and uncover specific areas of healing we’ll likely be diving into most throughout your journey.

follow up

TWO, 60-Minute Follow-Up Sessions Each Month After Your Initial Deep Dive Coaching Session

We’ll meet virtually (via video or phone) approximately every other week, so you’ll have 2 food and body image coaching sessions per month. The first month of our work together, you’ll have your 75-minute Deep Dive Session and one follow-up session. From that point forward, you’ll have two, 60-minute coaching sessions per month.

Email Support

Unlimited Email Support

As long as we’re working together, you’ll get support and guidance throughout your entire food and body image healing journey. You’ll have unlimited email access in-between our 1:1, virtual video coaching sessions. Because you will need this as you grow and heal, and you want someone in your corner, rooting you on.

homework + wrap-up notes

Homework + Wrap-Up Notes

After each coaching session, you’ll receive customized homework (from readings to worksheets) and extensive wrap-up notes, where you’ll have written notes on what we talked about, your takeaways, what you want to work on, and added insights, tips, and tools to help you align with your goals and the healing work you’re doing. You’ll want to keep these notes. Clients keep their coaching notes for months (and sometimes even years) to come.

intuitive eating

FREE Resources: Workbooks, Books and/or cards

Every 3 months of working together you’ll be mailed a resource to complement the work we’re doing together. Typically, clients are mailed a copy of the book, Intuitive Eating: A Revolutionary Program that Works, The Intuitive Eating Workbook, The Body Image Workbook, The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook, or Body Image Healing Cards. But sometimes, I recommend other books or resources. We can decide together what’s best for you.

clarity & support

Clarity & Support

Healing your food and body image issues is deep, bold, brave and often scary work. You’re forced to look at and reckon with issues that you sometimes haven’t looked at for years and typically, there’s some grief and fear in the mix because you’re saying goodbye to your disordered eating voice, diet mentality, and the idealized version of how you think you “should look.” I’ll be here to walk right along with you on this journey and help guide you to a place of food freedom, body image healing, and a wholehearted sense of self, as long as you’re willing, ready, and open to do the work.

Pricing + How Food & Body Image Coaching Works

In Food & Body Image Coaching, I work with clients in increments of 3 months, which includes 6 sessions. Our first session being 75 minutes, and the following five sessions being 60-minutes. Typically, we meet every other week.

For everything listed above (the initial 75-minute deep-dive session followed by five 60-minute sessions every other week, unlimited email support, homework + handouts, detailed session wrap-up notes, your free resource, and clarity + support), coaching is $345 US dollars per month. This breaks down to $166 per hour of actual 1:1 face time. You’ll be invoiced every two sessions, approximately once a month.

Anytime after a client and I have worked together for 3 months, or if additional sessions are desired by the client during a 3-month coaching experience, I offer single 45- or 60-minute sessions. 45-minute sessions are $130. 60-minute sessions are $175. Of course, you may choose to engage in another 3-month coaching experience, after our first 3 months of working together, if desired. We can decide what’s best for you come the time.

Once you apply to learn more about 1:1 Food & Body Image Coaching, I’ll reach out to set up your free, 20-minute video discovery session, and I can clarify any questions you may have about pricing. Here, we’ll also discuss your relationship with food and your body, and your specific goals, related to food, nutrition, intuitive eating, health, and body image. On our call, I’ll share how I work, answer anything on your mind, and we can get a feel if we’re a good match for one another. You can then decide if you’d like to move forward with 1:1 Food & Body Image Coaching.

What Clients Have Shared

I just wanted to thank you for your help over the last few months. You’ve been amazing and have given me such great insight. You have been so kind, calm and knowledgeable throughout our sessions together. I really appreciate everything you have helped me with. Recently, I’ve been feeling so relaxed around food. Food doesn’t feel like such a big issue anymore. I feel like I’ve moved on from food being something I battle with to nourishing myself with foods I enjoy. I’m getting on with life and I’m not feeling bothered about food. I also feel like I’m making strides with my body image. Thanks again for you help and I’ll speak to you soon.”

– Poppy N, Chelsea, London

As someone who has been there done that with diets, I knew restrictive diets made me rebel and binge. I cannot even begin to list all the changes I’ve noticed since working with Corinne. It was a game changer for sure. I have never felt so strong and secure in my own body, and I give her so much credit for that change. I am 100% certain that I would have never achieved my breakthroughs without Corinne’s guidance. Corinne’s genuine compassion paired with her wealth of knowledge and experience is just what I needed after everything else had failed me far too many times. She connected the dots between nutrition, emotion, and confidence to achieve my success.”

– Elizabeth B, San Diego, California

The only hesitation I had in working with Corinne was whether or not I was ready to take on such extensive reflection. I think that the question of “Am I ready to change?” was my only roadblock. Since working with Corinne, I’ve stopped a yearlong binging cycle in its tracks and while I’ve had “slips” along the way, my bouncing back has been much faster than days past. The most noticeable change has been that I can feel beautiful at any weight. That idea doesn’t resonate every hour of every day, but it certainly has come more frequently since we started working together.

I particularly liked the fact that Corinne shared her knowledge based on personal experience. It’s important to me when working on self-improvement that whoever is coaching me knows what they’re talking about. And I’m not referring to the book knowledge. While I do think academia behind what we work on is key, I tend to give more credibility to the person who “works her own program” so to speak. Corinne helped me see that I was worth it, that I didn’t have to do anything perfectly, and that changing was a gradual thing that doesn’t really ever end.Thank you for showing up for me, Corinne. This has been an incredible foundation-building journey and your patience and advocacy for me have been incredibly humbling.”

– Taylor W, Larkspur, California

After decades of dieting, I had a lot of foods that I considered off limits. Corinne showed me how to take back the power of certain foods and how to allow them back in my life in a healthy way. None of the diet plans out there address the issues Corinne does, which explains why most work for a time and then fail when you go “back” to your normal ways. I LOVED my time with Corinne! Our conversations were like food/body image therapy for me! It was a psychological/emotional treat every time we spoke.”

– Nicole K, San Rafael, California

Whether I’m feeling good and successful, or feeling like a failure and discouraged, Corinne is right there for me, helping me all along the way to feel good about my progress, while normalizing my set-backs. I’m so grateful I found such a kind, genuine, positive and enthusiastic coach in Corinne to make this major hurdle in my life possible to clear with grace and dignity. Corinne is a gem and really goes the extra mile to assure my success.”

– Emily P, Corte Madera, California

The scale no longer has power over me! I immediately thought of you and was so thankful for all the work we did together. It was amazing! In all my adult life, I’ve never been able to look at the number on the scale and not let it control me. I no longer beat myself up over it. I wanted to let you know what a huge impact you have had on me and my view of myself. Transformational! So thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Nicole K, Boston, Massachusetts

You are truly gifted at what you do, and I want you to know that you have touched my life and made it better.”

– Sue L, Portland, Oregon


Who is food and body image coaching for?

Food and body image coaching is for individuals who are ready to heal their relationship with food and their body and who want to start living more life. I work with clients with various levels of disordered eating and body image issues, those who want to break free from the diet-binge eating cycle, and those who want to exit the yo-yo, roller-coaster dieting world for good but aren’t sure exactly how to do so (and usually are afraid to). I also work with clients who want to approach nutrition and health through a non-diet approach. My coaching work is for individuals who believe in the mind-body-spirit connection and who are open, willing, and ready for a totally new approach with food, self-care, and body image. The work we do together is really about learning how to care for your body and yourself and practice intuitive eating and radical self-care, so you can begin feeling free and not controlled by food, what to eat, your weight, or others’ opinions.

How do you work with clients?

I work with clients online via Skype or Zoom video (or phone, if preferred) from anywhere in the world. It’s pretty groovy.

How long will I have to work with you until I start seeing changes in my relationship with my body and food?

I wish I could answer that. But unfortunately, this isn’t cookie-cutter type work. Each individual is different and needs a different coaching experience. Some clients need just three months of coaching because they’ve already done so much healing work, while others need and want to continue working together for 6 months or more. Every client experience is different and unique. We can discuss this more on our discovery call, which we’ll set up once you complete the coaching application.

What will I learn if we work together?

If we work together, you will be challenged to think a totally different way about food and body image, but you will also be immensely supported. You will learn about the Health at Every Size® (HAES) approach, how to actually put intuitive eating into practice, how to practice radical self-care and self-compassion, how to exit the diet mentality for good, and how to quiet your mind, stop obsessive food and body image thoughts, and begin cultivating more body respect, food freedom, and peace within yourself.

Do you take insurance?

I don’t currently take insurance. However, I can provide you a superbill that you can personally submit to your insurance to potentially receive reimbursement for services. Please note: even with a superbill, there is no guarantee for reimbursement, and you’ll still need to pay in advance, or at the time of, our counseling session. I encourage you to check with your insurance provider to see if and what Registered Dietitian services are covered under your plan. While I work with individuals all over the world, virtually, if you’re not based in California (where I’m based), my services will most likely not be covered under your insurance plan.

I’m in. I’d like to get started with 1:1 Food & Body Image Coaching.

Amazing. Please click the button below and complete the client application. Within 72 hours of your application, I’ll reach out to set up a complimentary 20-minute, virtual discovery session. On our video discovery call, we’ll discuss where you want to go in your food and body image journey and talk next steps, if you’re interested in moving forward.