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Hi! I’m Corinne Dobbas, hair twirler, truth teller, writer, podcast host, yogi, and eternal believer that it’s never too late to be who you want to be.

I help women see and most importantly, FEEL that they’re worthy – just as they are – regardless of weight, body size, what they’ve been told, or their relationship status.

More specifically, I’m a Registered Dietitian, Food & Body Image Coach, and ex-matchmaker turned dating coach, who helps women heal their relationship with food and their bodies, eat what they want without guilt (or obsessive food and body image thoughts), and develop deep connections that make them truly happy, including the one with themselves.

Below, find some of my free classes, challenges, and offerings designed to help you in your healing journey.

The Better Body Image Challenge 

A free 5-day challenge designed to help you feel more confident in your body, comfortable in your clothes, and empowered in your life. Get details and enroll now here.

The Intuitive Eating Challenge

This is a free 10-day challenge designed to teach you the basic principles of intuitive eating (a practice that has you listening to the internal cues of your body, instead of external ones). Through the challenge, you’ll build more body trust, food freedom (so you can decrease obsessive food and body image thoughts), and reconnect with who you are as a WHOLE person. Please note that I practice a non-diet, Health at Every Size Approach (HAES). Meaning I don’t focus at all on dieting or weight, as that’s not an approach that is healing or works. This challenge is deep and is designed for the woman who is ready (or really wanting) to release the dieting mentality and stop waiting on the weight, so she can finally start living more of her life. Get details and enroll now here.

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MASTERCLASS: How to Own Your Worth & Attract The Kind of Partner You Really Want

Dating? And feeling kinda frustrated? You’ll want to watch this class. Inside this free masterclass learn: 1.) Why you might be attracting the wrong kind of partner // 2.) Three MUST-DOs to take back your power when it comes to finding love // 3.) The magnetic dating attitude that’s essential for owning your worth + that’s downright attractive // 4.) Why your definition of chemistry may be blocking you from finding love AND more… Get instant access to the masterclass here.