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Current group offerings. If you have any questions, regarding groups, simply complete this form or call 415.737.9981. Interested in joining a group? Please schedule your discovery call here.

Binge Eating & Embodiment Support Group (online)


A 6-week online binge eating and embodiment support group designed to help you find connection, compassion, and clarity in nurturing a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body. In group, we’ll look at the underlying pieces driving binge eating, instead of just trying to “stop binge eating.” You’ll acquire tools, approaches, and techniques that you can begin using immediately in your daily life to help you nurture the kind of relationship you actually want to have with food and your body.


Eating Disorder Recovery Support Group for Teens (online)


A 6-week online eating disorder recovery support group for teens 16-18 years of age. (A mature 15-year-old could also make a great addition to group.) This group serves as a wonderful addition to eating disorder treatment and care and offers a brave space for teens to connect with others in recovery. If you’re a teen who wants to expand your eating, self-care, and positive body image skills and connect with others, this group is for you.