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How (& Why) to Create Boundaries as You Make Peace with Food & Your Body (Video)

Creating boundaries as you make peace with food and your body is important. Because it can feel like a major threat to hear comments about what you’re eating or how your body looks – or how others are eating or how others’ bodies look. Boundaries are extra crucial to put in place because when you’re healing, the last thing you want to hear are seemingly constant updates from friends, family members, or co-workers about their most recent dieting or weight loss attempts.

Being that we live in a world that’s steeped heavy in diet culture, it’s so important to create boundaries for yourself, so you can actually heal your relationship with food and your body. Without boundaries it’s hard to create new value systems and methods of thinking, and it’s difficult to protect your mental health.

The good news is you can start creating boundaries, as soon as you’re ready to.

Inside this video, I share:

    • How to create boundaries with others as you make peace with food and your body (and why it’s so important)
    • The difference between non-verbal boundaries and verbal boundaries
    • Why it’s important to think about your mental energy in your boundary-creating process
    • Why you may need to repeat your new-found boundaries over and over
    • Why some relationships may change, as you change and grow in your healing journey (and why it’s okay and maybe even necessary) – press play!