How Would That Make You Feel?


How Would That Make You Feel?


About a year ago, my Aunt asked me a very powerful question, “Corinne, how would you feel if you quit?”

I was floored.

I asked people how they felt about X, Y and Z all the time, but I never stopped to think about this question in reference to my current situation.

At the time, I was working a job, where I loved the people, but I became way burned-out, disillusioned, and unhappy.

I had been on overdrive for far too long. We humans aren’t meant to be machines. We just aren’t.


My gut reaction to my Aunt’s question, over the phone, was startling.

I was sitting at my kitchen table, in my sweats, with my hair all frizzed-up and piled on top of my head, feeling like I couldn’t face the world. I excitedly replied, “Relieved, excited, and freed.” I was shocked.

Her instant reply? “There you go.”

Within the next hour, the deed was done. My two-weeks notice was in, and I was one step closer to freedom.

Since that point, due to hard work, persistence, and the sincere love of what I do, I’ve been able to make it work … and best yet, I’m immensely happier.


My Aunt’s simple question was the final trigger to incite action within me. I’d been thinking about it for months, but was too afraid.

All I needed was someone, unbiased, nonjudgmental , and outside of what I do to allow me to go to that place where I could truly see another light.

For me, her question was life-changing.  I was in the right place to move forward with my gut instinct. My  inner voice had been set free.


Letting go…

We all have points in our lives where we ignore things we know deep down inside we should be doing.

Whether finally doing outreach for your business; starting that exercise program; having that talk with your friend; cutting your sugar habit; saying, “NO” more; being more mindful when you eat; showing up on time; making time for that class or program you’ve been wanting to do for months; or committing to developing a healthy work-life balance.

Take a moment.

Think about that thing you’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t.


Really dig deep.


Envision it.


Feel it.


Breathe it.



What’s holding you back?

Maybe you’re too afraid, you think there’s not enough time, you doubt yourself, you say you’ll do it later, or you don’t believe that that life is meant for you…


I don’t have the answer. You do.

It’s inside of you. You know. You feel it.

You also know what’s holding you back, if you really think about it.


Let it go

Whatever is holding you back. Let it go, let it go, let it go.


Imagine you’ve done or are doing the thing you’ve been wanting to do.

How do you feel?

What’s the expression on your face?

Where are you?

What are you doing?


Put that feeling inside your heart and let it guide your future decisions.

I know when I did, I began to light up again.

Sometimes we just need someone to reignite our passion to follow what lights us up. And sometimes, that can be as simple as the question, “How would that make you feel?”


So – how would  doing that thing make YOU feel??

Go for it.

It’s possible for you.