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Is it Time? Letting Go…

I am not one to easily let go.

To give you an idea of this, as a tween, I was obsessed with Celine Dion. I still love her to this day, but you’ll no longer find me holding a hairbrush, lip synching to River Deep, Mountain High.

You see, at the time, I wanted to be Celine Dion (…I know).

I took singing lessons, joined the choir, performed in my high-school talent show (facepalm), and I bought a keyboard, recording “demo” taps of myself…

After some years of this, I got brutally honest with myself and realized my singing attempts were just that – attempts. I tried. I gave it a good shot. But, I was no Celine Dion, let alone a backup singer for a backup singer for a backup singer… You get my point. I needed to let it go.

But, as you know, letting go can be hard because it means we’ve got to let go of the very thing that is temporarily giving us comfort for something unknown. And we humans generally don’t like the unknown. It’s scary territory out there.

You know that. I know that. We all know that.

Letting go of friendships and relationships that we’ve outgrown, that’s hard. Letting go of the too-small, taunting clothes in our closets, that’s hard too. Letting go of crazy food rules we’ve held onto for years is hard (and scary). And letting go of hurts and wounds so we can show up and live more fully – possibly for more hurts and wounds – (yikes!) – that’s some of the hardest stuff.

But… it’s also the stuff that sets us free so we really start living.

Personally, over this last year, I’ve realized one big thing. Not letting go is serving no one. Not me. Not anyone around me. And definitely, not my spirit.

Because here’s the deal, if we never let go, if we want to hold onto all the wrongdoings we’ve been dealt and all the reasons why we can’t, then we don’t move forward.

If we’re not moving forward, we’re stuck in our muck, hoping and praying for something good that we’re not ready to receive because we haven’t let go, so it never happens. Or, maybe it does, we just can’t see it…

And then we’re confused as to why the the thing we want so badly isn’t happening.

So this is a simple reminder to let it go. It’s time…

The belief.

The hurt.

The anger.

The pants that no longer fit.

The friend who makes you feel worse every time you talk.

The expectation.

The judgment of yourself … and others.

Let it go. So you can let in.

If we want to feel healthier, happier, and more confident, and we want to reconnect with that beautiful soul looking back at us in the mirror, then we’ve got to make room for it.

And the first step is letting all the stuff that you’ve been ruminating on that’s no longer working for you, GO. And instead, focusing on what’s working for you and most importantly, how you want to feel.

And look, I get it. This isn’t easy and it’s a moment-to-moment practice… a practice that I still practice and always will!

However, I can tell you that it’s worth it. I can tell you that you’ll feel lighter. And I can tell you that you’ll feel better by simply letting it go. And that to me is priceless.

You can have some of that pricelessness too:)

What will you let go of so you can move forward?