Date Coaching

End the dating drama, boost your confidence, and start attracting your perfect partner

Date Coaching

Do you find yourself constantly saying “all the good ones are taken?”

Do you know – deep down in your soul – that love is out there for you – you just need some support, guidance, and a new perspective (and maybe some new tricks) that will allow you to find and attract the kind of partner you really want?

Do you feel like – out of your friend group – that you’re one of the only single people you know, and you’re beginning to question, “What’s wrong with me? I have things to offer! Or, wait… maybe I don’t?”

Or maybe, you just got out of a long-term relationship or marriage and are back on the dating scene. And you need some serious support, guidance, and a strategy that actually works, especially regarding the wild world of online dating.

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place and I can help.

Corinne Dobbas, Date Coaching

Hi. I’m Corinne. As an ex-matchmaker turned dating coach, I have a unique perspective on love from all sides of the equation that not many are privy to.

This insight coupled with over 10 years of coaching clients allows me to get clients results.

I provide my date coaching clients support throughout their dating process, guidance with unlimited email access in-between our sessions as we work together, and a dating strategy – specific to them that actually works –  so they can call-in the kind of love they deserve and that they crave.

What also will happen as we work together is that you will find your worth, remove any blocks that are preventing you from manifesting love (we all have them), open your heart and learn some new “tricks,” so you can find and attract the kind of partner you really want… THIS is possible for you. And I can help.

More importantly, I want you to know that right now, in this very moment, your feelings are normal. You’re going to get through whatever funky love or dating stuff you’re going through right now. And you’re going to come out on the other end stronger. Your perfect partner is out there, waiting for you.

You see, this relationship, “love stuff” is designed to bring up some of our deepest wounds and darkest fears. But it’s also designed to help us heal.

So let’s help you heal and start attracting your perfect partner now.

At first, I was nervous about the cost and whether or not working with Corinne through her program would help me in the way that I needed at the time. But it did. I finally am more at peace with dating itself. Dating stopped being something that I obsessed about in a negative way. I really listened to the modules and identified my story. Once I really owned it, I realized the stress of dating started to decline. Single & Sane finally targeted the one thing I couldn’t figure out, which is how to be single and happy with your single status and how to make dating more enjoyable and way less stressful. The program will shift your mindset, if you are open to receiving that change. As soon as I chose to be open, own my story and write a new one for myself, a guy I never would have expected (or saw for myself) walked into my life. I don’t know what the future holds with him, but right now things are good and I am relaxed. I have faith in whatever happens I’ll be okay. A few months ago, I’m pretty sure I could not say the same thing.”

– Jackie G, Chicago, IL

You’ve shown me how to change my thoughts into ones that make me feel like the winner, not the loser, in the dating game.”

– Jenny W, Chicago, IL

The things you had me think about and the homework you had me do really made me examine my past and my life and really dig deep. Something I really had not done before but it was so worth it. I have learned that I have the tools to make the change and shift my thinking and attract a partner. I have already made some changes like how I have my online dating profile and how I interact with people I meet. I’m so thankful and will be forever grateful.”

– Tracey D, Discovery Bay, CA
After spending a short amount of time working with Corinne and opening up to a unique approach to dating, I met the woman that I hope to spend the rest of my life with. I’d say I’m a big believer in the work that Corinne does. The amount of time and energy saved by going on less bad dates is valuable. Finding the love of your life is invaluable. Once I put my faith in her process, we accomplished both.”

– Jeff B, Seattle, Washington

I am now in need of the last section of Single & Sane – the relationship part! I can’t believe it. I know you have a lot of members and followers so you may not recall but I told you earlier this year how my husband suddenly left a few months ago and that your course has taught me how to learn about myself and how to attract people who are right for me. So I am surprised that I am already feeling ok about a relationship and being exclusive with the guy that I have met! Thank you for being on the other end of an email. Your teachings have been so valuable to me and I always recommend this course to my friends.”

– Megan S, Wales, UK


Who is date coaching for?

Date coaching is for kindhearted clients who are dating or trying to get out there and find lasting love, but who feel stuck, annoyed, confused, insecure, and a little bit sad. It’s also for clients who just came out of a serious breakup and need to heal. Those who are dating but find they keep attracting the wrong kind of partner over and over and over. Or, those who just came out of a long-term relationship or marriage and are back on the dating scene and need some serious support and guidance.

How do you work with clients?

I work with clients online via Skype or Zoom video (or phone, if preferred) from anywhere in the world. It’s pretty groovy.

How long will I have to work with you until I start seeing changes in my love life and until I start feeling more confident?

I wish I could answer that. But unfortunately, this isn’t cookie-cutter type work. Each individual is different and needs a different coaching experience. Some clients just need a single session and someone to talk things out with. Some clients need weekly sessions for the first couple of months and then just monthly check-in sessions. And some clients need every other week sessions for six months. Every experience is different and unique to you.

But I will tell you that my goal is not to have you see me forever because that means I’m not doing a good job. My coaching work is designed to put you back in your power and is only for those who are really ready (I want to emphasize the really part) to move forward. Typically, after the first session, clients begin to feel relief, more confident, and like they’re not alone.

What will I get if we work together?

If we work together, you will have more clarity in what you want, the confidence to go after it, and the tools to begin not only attracting your perfect parter, but in developing a more peaceful, confident relationship with yourself and the entire dating process. In other words, you’ll feel calm and confident, instead of anxious and insecure. PLUS… As long as we’re working together, you’ll get support and guidance throughout your entire dating journey. You will have unlimited email access in-between our 1:1, virtual video coaching sessions. Here, you can get clarity after all of your dates and support, as you navigate the online and offline dating world. Because you want to have someone in your corner who can help you workout your fears versus what’s reality, so you stay true to you and your values, and what you really want in a partner… AND so you don’t waste a ton of time with the wrong partner OR miss potential ones! You’ll also get a dating strategy – specific to YOU that actually works – so you can call-in the kind of partner you deserve and really want. Plus, you’ll get homework and wrap-up notes after each of our individual sessions.

I’m in! I want to get started with date coaching ASAP!

Amazing. Please click the button below. It will take you to a form to fill out. Once you fill out the form, I’ll email you within 48 hours to schedule our 20-minute introductory call to see if we’re a match.