Home-Based Eating Disorder Recovery Services

In-Home & Dining Out Support

Home-Based Eating Disorder Recovery Services

In recovery, it’s usually not enough to just talk about food. You need to learn how to create more positive experiences with food.

Which is why when you’re in recovery from an eating disorder, it’s normal to need support with eating and preparing food in your own home. Not to mention grocery shopping, dining out, and putting together a simple meal. And if you’re in the process of FBT, it’s very normal for the family to need support making it through a meal with a little more ease and calmness.

This is where I can help.

In fact, to help showcase what this service specifically is, below are some examples:

You have a full treatment team in place, but you need someone to come to your home and help you implement your team’s recommendations. I would connect with your treatment team (and you, of course) and then we’d plan a date to have our in-home session and make it as stress-free as possible.

You need help grocery shopping and putting together really simple quick meal ideas. We’d make a plan and then go to the store together.

You’re in the FBT process and your family needs support with having a meal together.

You need someone to support you with the act of having a meal (i.e., meal coaching) and then putting together a snack for later. 

You want to have an in-home session where you can have a meal and then we can process your feelings and what was effective versus not so effective for your long-term goals. I also can do this for parents in the FBT process.

You’ve been avoiding restaurants and want to have support when dining out. 

You or your child are stuck in your recovery, and your treatment team is recommending someone to “get in there” and provide an assessment of what’s going on so they can figure out how to support you.

Note: Home-based eating disorder recovery services are typically an adjunct to an already existing treatment team, and I do not need to be someone’s dietitian in order to support them with this service. In fact, it’s common that I help support the work a client is already doing with their dietitian and/or therapist.

In-Home Recovery Coaching Service Fees

Initial Assessment (includes a 60-90 minute session with client and/or parents/caregivers plus 20-30 minute collaboration with treating treatment team members): $350

In-Home Coaching Fee: $250 per 60-minutes 

Travel fee: The in-home coaching fee is prorated in 15 minute increments

To use this service: You need to be appropriate for an outpatient level of care and have an existing treatment team. Please note that cost of food is not included in the fee.

Minimum time needed to schedule: 60 minutes.

Maximum time: 3 hours


Where do you offer this service?

In Marin County, California and generally speaking in select parts of San Francisco, Petaluma, and Sonoma County.

How often could you do this?

Frequency is case dependent. Some cases need just a few in-home coaching sessions, around meal preparation and plating, grocery shopping, and exposure work. Other cases like the weekly check-in. And in cases of FBT, the family may just need one or two sessions. It all depends and would be something we would discuss and that I would discuss with your treatment team.

What if I want support with meals but don’t want you to come to my home?

We could schedule a 1:1 nutrition therapy session and make it a dining out session. We could go to one of the many restaurants just a few blocks from my office – Mexican, Italian, Thai, Whole Foods, etc. We also could plan a “fear” or challenge food exposure in my office. (This is something I frequently do with clients.) No travel fee included.

Please note that I have very limited availability for this service and this is not something I do daily. If you are wanting very frequent support – daily or multiple times per week – I would recommend a Recovery Coach.


Interested in In-Home Eating Disorder Recovery Services?

Please email me or call me at 415.737.9981, and we can set up a 20-30 minute video discovery call. Here, you can get a feel for how I work, and we can both see if we might be a fit to work together. Or, if I’m a fit to work with your child and/or family.