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Nutrition Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching


Nutrition Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching

Recovery takes a village, but not just any village. A village of people who you trust and in my opinion, who you genuinely like.

I’d be honored to be one of those people.

If we haven’t formally met – hi, I’m Corinne. I’m a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor with nearly 10 years of experience in the field. And, I can support you in your recovery process, as you continue to make peace with food and your body.

In Nutrition Recovery Coaching, I work virtually with individuals who are dedicated to their healing process and who do not have an active eating disorder, but who still need support around food, nutrition, and/or body image issues.

In sessions, I use my experience and growing knowledge about you and your needs to weave together a variety of tools for your movement forward in your healing journey, including, but not limited to: nutrition education, nutrition science, intuitive eating, self-compassion, the Health at Every Size® (HAES) approach, self-care, and various coaching techniques to help you make peace with food and your body.

As the nutrition pillar in your recovery, I’ll reach out to other members of your recovery team (if present), such as your mental health professional to help provide comprehensive, seamless care. Clients may also hire me in addition to their current therapist and dietitian team, as another source of support, insight, and tools to aid in your continual recovery.

In Nutrition Recovery Coaching, we generally meet weekly via video for either a 50-minute or 30-minute session. All first appointments require a 50-minute session.

50-minute session: $140

30-minute session: $80

Prospective clients often ask: What’s the difference between Food & Body Image Coaching and Nutrition Recovery Coaching?

On our free discovery call, I can help sort out which option is the best for you, but in short…

Food & Body Image Coaching is for individuals with various levels of disordered eating, body image issues, and/or who are ready to give up chronic dieting. Food & Body Image Coaching is also for those who want to approach nutrition and health through a non-diet, intuitive eating, self-care lens, those who are tired of turning to food to handle difficult emotions, and/or who want to end the diet-binge eating cycle. In Food & Body Image Coaching we meet every two weeks. It’s for individuals who have not been formerly diagnosed with an eating disorder. Or, if they were diagnosed, it was a fair amount of time back and they’re ready (emotionally, physically, and mentally) to go full-steam ahead into intuitive eating, body image, and self-compassion work. In Food & Body Image Coaching, clients get detailed wrap-up notes, the Intuitive Eating Book + Workbook, homework after each session, and unlimited email support in-between sessions. You can find more information about Food & Body Image Coaching here.

In Nutrition Recovery Coaching, clients need more support, generally weekly, and have been diagnosed with an eating disorder prior. However, they don’t have an active eating disorder at the time we start our work together. Nutrition Recovery Coaching clients (generally) are also working with a mental health professional. Where I come in here is to help you continue to make peace with food and your body and in providing the necessary nutrition education as well as food and body image coaching tools to help you do this. In Nutrition Eating Disorder Recovery Coaching, clients get brief wrap-up notes with homework we decide upon together, and unlimited email support in-between sessions.

Please note: I practice from a weight-neutral approach and work with all kinds of clients in ALL kinds of body shapes and sizes.

Interested in working together?

Simply apply to learn more about Nutrition Recovery Coaching. Once I receive your application, I’ll reach out to set up a free 20-minute discovery call. On our call, we’ll discuss where you currently are in your relationship with food and body, and your specific goals, related to food, nutrition, intuitive eating, health, and body image. On our discovery call, I’ll share how I work, answer any questions you may have, and tell you if I think we’re a good match for one another. You can then decide if you’d like to move forward with Nutrition Recovery Coaching.