S3 Ep. 13: Learning to Trust Your Body with Aaron Flores

Aaron Flores, registered dietitian nutritionist and certified body trust provider, shares his journey of how he found trust in his body and in his career, after learning about intuitive eating and meeting Elise Resch, one of the originators of Intuitive Eating. Inside, Aaron shares super practical tools and approaches to help you feel more at home in your body. He also openly shares how he moves through weight stigma. Other fabulous talking points include: learning to recognize hunger and fullness cues, how to make foods emotionally neutral, what it’s like to identify as a man with body image concerns, handling airplane seats when you’re in a larger body, and what body liberation really means.

More specifically, we talk:

  • Aaron’s personal story of dieting
  • How he decided to become a dietitian
  • Why Aaron doesn’t like the word body positivity
  • Social justice in body work
  • What is body image?
  • What is body liberation?
  • Making space for body stories and why they’re so important
  • What is body trust?
  • Practical tools to begin cultivating more trust in you body
  • Learning how to recognize body cues, specifically hunger and fullness cues, and how to respond to those
  • How to make foods emotionally neutral?
  • How intuitive eating, Health at Every Size® and body trust interconnect and why they’re so important in eating disorder recovery
  • What it’s like to identify as a man who has body image concerns
  • How Aaron has moved through microaggressions about his body size
  • Aaron’s personal wisdom of how he handles airplane seats when in a larger body
  • How do we teach acceptance and empathy for males around body image concerns?
  • Why support and community in this work is so important
  • And more!