S1 Ep. 11: Amber Karnes on Yoga, Making Peace with Your Body & Self-Acceptance

“I don’t have to shrink or play small or pretend to be dumber than I am… to protect other people because I can’t control other people’s feelings anyway. I can’t control what their reaction is going to be… so don’t let the fear of what other people will feel… or what other people will think about [you]… determine [your] destiny.”  ~ Amber Karnes

Amber Karnes, founder of Body Positive Yoga, joins me for an episode of HeartSpace that’ll open your mind as well as your heart.

Inside the episode we discuss:

  • Amber’s personal story of why and why she got into yoga
  • Anxiety, depression, and yoga
  • What “being in your body” really means
  • Embodied movement
  • Practicing yoga in a “fat body”
  • When you feel like your body is wrong
  • Self-acceptance through visibility of other women who look like you
  • Why representation of different people is so important
  • What inclusivity in the wellness world really means
  • Body image
  • Intersectionality and oppression
  • The fat acceptance and body positivity movement
  • Removing misconceptions of yoga
  • Slaying the ego
  • The concept of non-attachment and why it’s so important to our mental and physical health
  • Making peace with your body
  • How our bodies change day to day and during life transitions
  • Why your body isn’t a problem
  • How and why a media detox is important for a healthy body image
  • The messy middle part not many talk about when it comes to shifting from the dieting mentality to self-acceptance
  • How bonding over body hate can disguise itself as sisterhood and what to do instead