S3 Ep. 11: Making Peace with Food & Your Body with Brianna Campos

Brianna Campos, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who specializes in body image and eating disorder recovery, shares her journey in making peace with food and her body and some insight in how we all can have a satisfying relationship with food and our bodies too, no matter our size. Bri delves into her experience with weight loss surgery and how it didn’t provide her the peace she was looking for and how she ultimately found Health at Every Size (HAES®) and intuitive eating, which helped her nurture a caring, compassionate relationship with both her body and food. This is an intimate interview where you can feel the joy in our conversation, but it’s also an interview full of a lot of wisdom and heart for anyone looking to have a healthy relationship with food and their body.

Inside the show we talk:

  • What body image means
  • The difference between body image and body satisfaction
  • What body positivity really means
  • Body positivity and social justice and how they connect
  • Weight stigma and privilege
  • Bri’s personal body image story
  • Bri’s experience with weight loss surgery
  • Her experience of cognitive dissonance while working at an eating disorder treatment center and struggling with her own body image concerns
  • How she found intuitive eating
  • What is health at every size (HAES®)?
  • Personal and beautifully human anecdotes of what it actually looks like to make peace with food (and your body)
  • And much more!