S1 Ep. 20: Emily Clark on Shame, Guilt & Connection

A sneak-peek clip of the show

Emily Clark, a former therapist, joins me for an episode of HeartSpace Podcast that will speak to all deep-feeling souls. This is an episode that will leave you with many “ah-ha” moments. Inside the episode, Emily delves deep into the concept of shame, breaking shame down, and sharing the difference between guilt and shame. We talk how shame is something we learn, especially when it comes to food and our bodies, and steps to move around shame. We also talk self-awareness, connection, and self-acceptance. You’re in for a heartwarming treat!

Inside the episode we discuss:

  • What exactly is shame?
  • How shame is the birth place for all of the soul things we want, like joy and connection
  • How vulnerability plays a part in shame
  • How shame is different than guilt
  • Where shame comes from
  • How shame is something that we learn
  • How shame plays into food and body image issues
  • How shame results from our experiences
  • How to make shame go away
  • Emotions and awareness
  • Why shame doesn’t tell you the truth
  • Steps to move around shame
  • Why and how sharing your shame is so vital to moving around your shame
  • What is connection and why it’s so important to our health and happiness
  • What does feeling grounded mean?
  • What real connection means and how to get more of it

*Updated on 1/16/2020, Emily Clark no longer holds a license to practice mental health or therapy