S1 Ep. 2: Alexis Meads on Dating, HeartBreak, Love, Chemistry & More

“There are two main fears that all human beings have and that is the fear that ‘I’m not good enough’ and the fear that ‘I won’t be loved.’ The challenging thing about relationships and this type of work is that those two fears often go hand in hand.” ~ Alexis Meads

Alexis Meads is a Harvard educated Professional Dating Coach and the Founder of Crazy Wild Love Academy. She’s honest, insightful, and dedicated to helping women improve their confidence and find a passionate, committed relationship. In this episode, we get real and honest on the topic of love. Whether in a committed relationship or looking for love, everyone can relate to the matters of the heart talked about in this episode.

Inside the episode we discuss:

  • How not feeling good enough can affect your relationships
  • The difference between “chemistry” love & lasting “ultimate love”
  • Breaking through feelings of not feeling good enough
  • The importance of community and support while you’re dating
  • Common fears in new dating relationships
  • Tips to move through these common fears
  • How to realize you’ve grown as an individual
  • How what you need to work through will keep showing up until you work through it
  • Heartbreak
  • What to do if you’re still experiencing heartache six months plus down the line from breaking up with someone
  • How to keep your energy open for love



  • You can access Alexis’s free video training series to end dating frustration forever and find true love at www.alexismeads.com/gift