S1 Ep. 3: Lori & Michelle on Body Image, Affirmations, Self-Love, Moving Through Self-Doubt & Not Taking Things Personally

“We realized no matter what weight we got to, if the mind wasn’t on board with it, if you didn’t still love yourself, accept yourself, and see yourself as worthy, it didn’t matter what weight you’re at. You’re still going to be chasing after nothing.” ~ Lori & Michelle

Lori and Michelle are the girls behind the blog “Purely Twins” and on Instagram and Youtube, where they have helped thousands of women when it comes to self-love, skin care, happiness, hormones, extreme diets, exercise, mindset and finding a healthy balance with healthy food. They have shared their own personal struggles of poor body image, eating disorders, over-exercisers, acne, eczema, poor digestion and gut health, missing periods and feeling unworthy to remind women they are not alone and that if we can overcome it all, so can they. With certifications in Personal Training (Lori pre and post natal specialist and Michelle also a Precision Nutrition Sports Nutritionist), their goal is to inspire others to change their thoughts about their bodies and lives. Lori and Michelle are on a mission to help women feel more beautiful and powerful in their bodies.

Inside the episode we discuss:

  • Body image
  • Why our inner world matters in our relationship with our body
  • Looking at fitness as a practive
  • Self-love
  • Building self-trust
  • Following your heart
  • Moving through fear
  • How to not take things personally
  • Confidence
  • Affirmations and how to use them
  • The power of practice