S1 Ep. 23: Haley Goodrich on Intuitive Eating & Body Image Healing

A sneak-peek clip of the show…

Haley Goodrich, registered dietitian & nutrition therapist specializing in Intuitive Eating, body image healing, and eating disorder recovery from a Health At Every Size perspective, joins me for a beautiful episode of HeartSpace Podcast to close out Season 1! Inside the episode, we talk where to start with intuitive eating and body image healing and what that even means, why it can feel scary, what gentle nutrition means and how to begin shifting your focus to other things beyond body size and weight as indicators of health… AND so much more.

Inside the episode we discuss:

  • Moving through fear
  • Being an entrepreneur and the scary stuff that comes along with that
  • What is a nutrition therapist?
  • How to begin shifting your focus to other things beyond body size and weight
  • Why health is not determined by our size
  • Intuitive eating as a buzzword
  • What does intuitive eating actually mean?
  • Are you on the hunger and fullness diet?
  • Reconnecting to our bodies’ signals
  • What does gentle nutrition mean?
  • Why learning to trust our bodies can feel scary
  • Where do you start when you want to start intuitive eating? – The two questions you want to ask yourself
  • When you want to heal your relationship with food and your body, but you’re afraid to trust your body and you still want your body to be different – Where do you start?
  • What does body image healing and body acceptance mean?
  • What is a body image timeline?
  • How to let go of focusing on your weight or ideal shape?
  • Where self-compassion and curiosity comes in