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S2 Ep. 9: Eating Disorder Recovery, Body Size & Healing with Nicole McDermid

Nicole McDermid, Social Worker, Counsellor, Eating Disorder and Body Image Recovery Coach and Fierce Fat Activist, joins me for a HeartSpace Podcast episode that I’m so excited for you to hear, and you’ll see why. Inside, we discuss eating disorder recovery and what no one really talks about, how eating disorders don’t just come in a thin body, fatphobia, weight stigma, self-worth, compassion, curiosity, and so much more.

More specifically, we discuss:

  • Nicole’s story
  • Social justice and bodies
  • Nicoles’ story of living with an eating disorder and being in a larger body
  • The realization that eating disorder recovery was going to be really hard
  • Recovery from an eating disorder
  • Why recovery is hard
  • How recovery is a series of choices
  • Acknowledging the value of an eating disorder and grief
  • Why eating disorders don’t just exist in one-size body
  • Fatphobia
  • Weight stigma
  • Curiosity
  • Intention V Impact
  • How fat is not a feeling
  • How Nicole handles hurtful social media comments
  • Self-worth
  • Self-compassion
  • Why your experience matters and why your feelings are OK