“As someone who has been there done that with diets, I knew restrictive diets made me rebel and binge. I cannot even begin to list all the changes I’ve noticed since working with Corinne. It was a game changer for sure. She helped me recognize my emotions and self talk that had held me back in the past. Her positive reinforcement and insightful feedback was key in regaining my self confidence.

I have never felt so strong and secure in my own body, and I give her so much credit for that change. I absolutely would recommend her. I am 100% certain that I would have never achieved my breakthroughs without Corinne’s guidance. Corinne’s genuine compassion paired with her wealth of knowledge and experience is just what I needed after everything else had failed me far too many times. She connected the dots between nutrition, emotion, and confidence to achieve my success.”

– Elizabeth B, San Diego, California

“The only hesitation I had in working with Corinne was whether or not I was ready to take on such extensive reflection. I think that the question of “Am I ready to change?” was my only roadblock. Since working with Corinne, I’ve stopped a yearlong binging cycle in its tracks and while I’ve had “slips” along the way, my bouncing back has been much faster than days past. The most noticeable change has been that I can feel beautiful at any weight. That idea doesn’t resonate every hour of every day, but it certainly has come more frequently since we started working together.

I particularly liked the fact that Corinne shared her knowledge based on personal experience. It’s important to me when working on self-improvement that whoever is coaching me knows what they’re talking about. And I’m not referring to the book knowledge. While I do think academia behind what we work on is key, I tend to give more credibility to the person who “works her own program” so to speak. Corinne helped me see that I was worth it, that I didn’t have to do anything perfectly, and that changing was a gradual thing that doesn’t really ever end.Thank you for showing up for me, Corinne. This has been an incredible foundation-building journey and your patience and advocacy for me have been incredibly humbling.”

– Taylor W, Larkspur, California

“After decades of dieting, I had a lot of foods that I considered off limits. Corinne showed me how to take back the power of certain foods and how to allow them back in my life in a healthy way.None of the diet plans out there address the issues Corinne does, which explains why most work for a time and then fail when you go “back” to your normal ways. Her plans are not about deprivation of any food group. If someone is looking for a quick fix in the form of a cleanse/elimination diet, I would say to look elsewhere. This is about enjoying whole foods with treats in moderation and not a “diet” with a start/stop date. I LOVED my time with Corinne! Our conversations were like food/body image therapy for me! It was a psychological/emotional treat every time we spoke.”

– Nicole K, San Rafael, California

“Corinne empowered me. She taught me a very basic skill of protein and fiber, and I repeat this to myself whenever I plan out my meals. She also broke the custom of calorie counting and encouraged me to be more mindful of the way I was feeling (satisfied, full, etc.) while eating. I’ve also come to appreciate my body for all it’s strength and accomplishments and I’m reminded daily to write in my gratitude journal. She cared about what I said and would send me all her feedback in written form for me to look at again and again. She never judged me and you encouraged me to not judge myself. Thank you, Corinne, for doing what you do, you are a blessing to me and I am more than grateful for meeting you.”

– Toni C, Hixson, Tennessee

“Ok Corinne, brace yourself…I walked by a mirror today and stopped and MADE myself really look at myself. I will not say I was “in love” but I was “in like” with myself for the first time in YEARS!!! I am wrapping my head around the fact this is NOT about getting into that pair of skinny jeans but being healthy and living a long life with and for my family. WOW!!! Huge paradigm shift going on.”

– Kelly H, Knoxville, Tennessee

“A few years back I came to see Corinne for her nutritional expertise and support. With her guidance, sense of humor and support, I began to eat balanced and normally for the first time in 20 years. So when I wanted to “reboot my life*, it was a no-brainer to call Corinne. This time around we dove deeper into all areas of my life not only nutritionally but spiritually, emotionally and mentally. Corinne helped me develop a very clear vision of the woman I wanted be and how I wanted to show up in the world.

Each week Corinne helped me identify small realistic goals that would help me in becoming this more balanced woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She held me accountable in the areas I needed improvement in as well as championed the areas I was excelling in. Through this amazing process of working together I have implemented major changes in my life and I have never felt more positive, in control and empowered! Any one would be lucky to work with Corinne; she is knowledgeable, intuitive, insightful and, did I mention, funny? Pure delight!”

– Sara H, San Rafael, California

“Thank you for ending the diet confusion, getting me off my crazy fad diets (that weren’t working!), and helping me truly create a life I love and a body I love. I came to you believing I was broken, my metabolism was off, and thinking that I could never lose weight. Over the 5 months we worked together, I lost nearly 25 pounds. Thank you, Corinne!”

– Monica S, Petaluma, California

“You are truly gifted at what you do, and I want you to know that you have touched my life and made it better.”

-Sue L, Portland, Oregon

“Just a quick note to let you know that I’m back on track, doing everything I’m supposed to do!!  I actually dropped a little over two pounds since Wed. I had to talk my negative head into shopping today, and I couldn’t believe it!! I bought 2 new dresses, one for New Years and they are both size 6 (the 8’s were too big) and I am just thrilllllled beyond belief. I just can’t believe how my head plays such negative tricks on me…of course, I was thinking I had to wait to shop until next week, but just took a chance and was soooo happy!!
The writing down my menus in advance is working…so far so good, so believe me I’m a convert!!
You are really, truly the BEST!!  Wishing you a great weekend.
Thanks a million for all of you incredible expertise and understanding.”

-Donna C, Tiburon, California

“You’re like bumpers or guardrails. You help guide and steer me in the right direction. You’re so skillful at keeping things simple, helping me to connect my deeper wants with daily actions over time.”

-Cristi D, San Rafael, California

“Working with Corinne was a very positive experience for me.  I had worked with other nutritionists in the past, yet this time was different, Corinne was empathetic to my needs and we worked a little more on my personal beliefs and behaviors around food.  Corinne also collaborated with me on what was reasonable to start with, yet incorporating her knowledge of what needed to change.  Overall, I lost weight with Corinne, and the behavioral changes are what really stuck.  I still love every kind of food, yet not so much that I start to lose control. I am now in control thanks to Corinne.”

-Rebecca K, Mill Valley, California

“After being diagnosed with menopause at age 44, I was struggling with never feeling satisfied when I ate and having trouble with my digestion in other ways as well. My doctor took me off of dairy completely and I was stymied, as that was my major source of protein. I love cheese and yogurt and ate them daily.

I asked Corinne to help me find other, more healthy options for protein and snacking and began a huge learning curve in the area of diet, nutrition, and ways to eat, so that I felt satisfied and healthy.

As I work with Corinne, I have become more aware of my food choices and what the results are. I’ve broken down in tears in her office as I faced binge sugar eating related to hormone surges with my hormone replacement therapy, and I’ve celebrated “wins” as I chose exercise and a salad over mindless eating in front of the TV. Whether I’m feeling good and successful, or feeling like a failure and discouraged, Corinne is right there for me, helping me all along the way to feel good about my progress, while normalizing my set-backs.

I’m so grateful I found such a kind, genuine, positive and enthusiastic nutrition consultant in Corinne to make this major hurdle in my life possible to clear with grace and dignity, even as I falter as I learn to embrace new habits and patterns related to eating.Corinne is a gem and really goes the extra mile to assure my success.”

– Emily P, Corte Madera, California