Ditch the Diet. Get More.

Ditch the Diet. Get MORE.

Are you ready to feel confident in your body, normal around food, and connected with yourself again? Because you can, and I’m here to help show you how. Ditch the Diet is a 16-week online program designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body, build inner-confidence, and feel beautiful at ANY weight. You will discover how to take back your power from food, eat what you want without guilt, feel confident in your body, and have better, deeper relationships in your life, including the one with yourself. You can find food freedom, and you can learn to trust your body again. I promise. You just have to be willing and open to make the leap.

Single and Sane

Single & Sane: How to Date with Grace, Not Feel Alone & Attract Your Perfect Partner

Are you ready to end the dating drama and attract the kind of partner who wants what you want too aka an actual loving, mature relationship? Because the kind of love you want and deserve is out there waiting for you, and I want to support you in finding it in today’s crazy world of dating. Enter Single & Sane. Single & Sane is an online training program designed to help you find your worth, grow your dating confidence, and attract the kind of partner you really want. From the moment you start this course you’ll feel relief, more confident, and like you have the secret sauce to love, dating, and relationships, at least that’s what clients tell me. Find love. End the dating drama. Begin attracting what (and WHO) it is you really deserve. YES, it’s possible at ANY age…