Ditch the Diet. Get More.

Ditch the Diet. Get MORE.

Ready to feel more confident in your body, with food, and in life? Because you can, and I’m here to help you get more. More life. More laughter. More friendships. More health. More happiness. More self-love. More self-acceptance. And more self-worth. Ditch the Diet. Get MORE. is an online training program that teaches you how to get off the diet roller coaster for good and how to start living a happier, more fulfilled life. One where you feel confident and aren’t consumed by what to eat or what you ate, your jean size, or what other people think. And one where you believe in yourself again.

single and sane

Single & Sane: How to Date with Grace, Not Feel Alone & Attract Your Perfect Partner

If you’re ready to find the one, to end the dating drama, and to begin attracting what (and who) it is you really deserve because they’re out there, this course is for YOU. Single & Sane is an online training program designed to help kind, caring, compassionate women attract the kind of partner they really want and to realize that the road to love may not always be pretty, but it’s worth it. From the moment you start this course you’ll feel relief, more confident, and like you have the secret sauce to love, dating, and romance.