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The Power of Noticing in Food & Body Image Healing Work

The other day I was on a call with my supervisor. In the dietetic space, this is basically, someone who holds space for me so I can best hold space for others.

On our call, she brought up the power of “noticing.”

Noticing what you’re feeling.

Noticing the physical sensations that are coming up for you.

Noticing the thoughts running in your mind.

Noticing what you can hear, smell, taste, feel, see.

Noticing. Just noticing.

There are so many things to notice.

NOT to judge, make assumptions about, or go down the endless rabbit hole of spiraling thoughts. But rather, to gently notice. To gently observe. To gently get curious about what’s going on for you in the moment.

Ahhh… the power of mindfulness:)

Because it’s with this noticing that we become more mindful, present, and calm. And when we’re more mindful and calm, we can make choices out of a more peaceful, authentic place, rather than a reactive, panicked place. And there’s a big difference between those two things.

So, I encourage you, especially this time of year, to gently begin to notice.

  • Begin to notice what’s going on in your mind?
  • Begin to notice what physical sensations do you feel in your body?
  • Begin to notice what feelings are coming up for you?

Just begin to notice.

And then, when you’re ready (and this may require quite some time in getting to know yourself and your body {and that is totally normal!}), get curious about what you need, just in this moment, to take care of yourself in a kind, caring, compassionate way.

Big love,

p.s. You can also use this tool in personal communication:

I notice when ________________ I _______________. Would you be open to ________________ so I can ___________________?

Example: I notice when comments are made about what I’m eating I begin to shut down and have anxiety. Would you be open to not talking about my food choices, so I can work on bettering my relationship with food and my anxiety?

You can also use it to problem solve and experiment on your own.

I notice when ______________ I _____________. Would I be open to ____________________ so I can ____________?

Example: I notice when I feel uncomfortable in my body I immediately want to start restricting again and try to find another diet. Would I be open to experimenting with self-soothing tools when I feel uncomfortable in my body so I can be less reactive and slowly begin to notice what I really need in the moment? (i.e., a sense of comfort, care, or self-compassion).