Corinne Dobbas

Hi! I’m Corinne Dobbas, hair twirler, truth teller, writer, yogi, and eternal believer that it’s never too late to be who you want to be.

I help kind, caring, compassionate women feel confident in their bodies, lives, and in love.

More specifically, I’m a Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition who believes it’s not about shrinking yourself into worthiness. It’s about caring for yourself into health and happiness.

I’m also a successful matchmaker turned dating coach who believes everyone is worthy and deserving of the kind of love and partner they really want. And that they can find it.

What wakes me up in the morning?

Helping you wake up believing in yourself again. And feeling confident no matter what. No matter your jean size. No matter whatever is going on in your love life. And no matter what anyone else thinks.

But let’s be real, you can’t do any of that unless you believe you’re worth it. In other words, unless you believe in your own self-worth.

So that’s where our work begins.

Because when you believe in your own self-worth, you start doing things to take care of yourself.

with puppyYou start focusing on how you can be the best YOU you can be. You start living your dreams. You start cultivating the most important relationship of your life—the relationship with yourself.

This also means…

You stop waiting for the number on the scale. You stop comparing yourself to everyone else. You stop the negative self-talk and body bashing.

You stop letting fear and doubt hold you back. You stop thinking you’re not good enough, pretty enough, or thin enough.

YOU realize you are enough.

You’re empowered to move forward.

You make peace with food.

You move your body out of love and respect.

You treat yourself with kindness.

You become your own best friend.

And you surround yourself with people who mirror where you want to go in your life.


Self-worth is a serious game changer.

I can tell you this not only because of how I’ve seen it change the lives of my clients. But from my own personal experiences.

Because to tell you the truth, I used to be an obsessive calorie counter with major food fears who equated her worth with her weight. And, it took me a long time to understand that if I wanted someone to believe I was worthy of being loved, I had to believe it.

Wholeheartedly believing I was good enough literally changed my life. In the best ways possible.

It can change your life too.

Today, I know and help other women know that believing in your worth unlocks the door for a healthier, happier, more fulfilled life.

In fact, it’s what’s behind the scenes in serious life transformations that last. Once you have this powerful ingredient, you’ll be shocked at the magic you create.

You’ll choose nourishing foods. You’ll take care of your body. You’ll talk to yourself in a kind caring way. You’ll find supportive loving people in your life.

You’ll voice your feelings. You’ll honor and allow yourself to feel your feelings, and you won’t beat yourself up. You will love you.

And you’ll do all of this because it feels so gosh-darn good. And no one can take away your newfound feelings of self-worth, happiness, and feeling good in your skin.

All of this is possible for YOU. Promise.

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Professional Bio

Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD is a Registered Dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition. She’s also a life coach and dating expert. She works with women (from all over the world) struggling with body image and food fears, and who are looking to seriously get off the diet roller coaster and feel healthy and happy in their body and life. She also works with women who are looking for the real-deal love. Here, she helps clients find their worth, remove their blocks, open their hearts and learn some new “tricks” so they can find and attract the kind of partner they’re really looking for.

Corinne works with clients individually and through her online training program, Ditch the Diet. Get MORE, which is designed to help women feel more secure and confident in their bodies and lives. And through her online course, Single & Sane: How to Date with Grace, Not Feel Alone & Attract Your Perfect Partner.
Corinne’s wellness tips and coaching insights have been featured in numerous editorials, including Elephant Journal, Tiny Buddha, Woman’s Day, fitness, and MindBodyGreen. She’s graced such lists as The Best 100 Nutrition Blogs by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating and 100 Women to Watch in Wellness by MindBodyGreen and Athleta.

Corinne graduated cum laude from Boston University’s Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences and completed her dietetic training at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. She received a Masters of Science in Nutrition from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University in Boston, Massachusetts. Further professional coach training was through the completion of Wellcoaches Core Coach Training Program. Adding to her unique background, Corinne completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training through h3 Yoga in Marin County, California.

Today, Corinne resides right outside the Golden Gate with her husband, dogs and cat.