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1:1 Food and Body Image Coaching

1:1 Food & Body Image Coaching

This is the most intimate, customized-for-you way to work with me 1:1. If you’re exhausted by constant food and body image thoughts, and you crave food freedom and body trust and being able to live your life feeling free and peaceful – NOT constantly thinking about calories, food rules, or the size of your body, I can help. I work with clients virtually (all over the world) with various levels of disordered eating, clients who are in eating disorder recovery (meaning they don’t have an active eating disorder), women who want to exit the yo-yo, roller-coaster dieting world for good but aren’t sure exactly how to do so (and usually are afraid to), and clients who want to approach nutrition and health through a non-diet approach. You can take back your power from food, heal your body image issues, and reconnect with who you are as a WHOLE person. Apply to become a client today.

HeartSpace Academy

HeartSpace Academy, a LIVE, 90-Day Intensive Group Program

HeartSpace Academy is a LIVE, 90-day intensive, application-only, intimate group program. It’s the ultimate deep dive into intuitive eating, body image healing, self-worth, self-acceptance, and self-care. This program is designed for the woman who wants a heart-centered approach to feeling more awake and alive in her body, with food, and in her life, as a whole. If you need something more than a self-paced program, and you prefer a curriculum and the built-in structure and support of a group-learning approach… AND you’re fully ready to show up and do this transformative food and body image healing work, HeartSpace Academy may be just what you need. HeartSpace Academy runs only once or twice a year and takes 6-10 candidates per enrollment period. Learn more and apply today. Because you can find food freedom. Make peace with your body. Practice radical self-care and start living more life.

Ditch the Diet. Get More.

Ditch the Diet. Get MORE. Online, Self-Paced Training Program

Ditch the Diet. Get MORE is a 16-week online, self-paced training program designed to help you heal your relationship with food and your body, build inner-confidence, and learn how to accept, trust & care for your body (and yourself) at ANY weight, starting now. You will discover how to take back your power from food, eat what you want without guilt, feel confident in your body, and have better, deeper relationships in your life, including the one with yourself. You can feel more confident in your body, normal around food, and empowered in your life. I promise. You just have to be willing and open to make the leap.