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Please find the ways we can work together below. My office is located in Mill Valley, California. If you have any questions, regarding services, simply complete this form or call 415.737.9981

1:1 Food & Body Image Counseling 

Personal counseling is the most intimate and individualized way to begin making peace with food and your body. If you’re ready to nurture a healthy relationship with food and your body, stop obsessive food and body image thoughts, and start reconnecting with who you are as a whole person, I can help – no dieting, willpower, or food rules required.


1:1 Nutrition & Body Image Eating Disorder Recovery Counseling 

Recovery takes a village, but not just any village. A village of people who you trust and in my opinion, who you genuinely like. I’d be honored to be one of those people, as you make peace with food and your body, and as you heal. In Nutrition & Body Image Eating Disorder Recovery Counseling, I work with individuals who are in recovery from an eating disorder, and who want to nourish a healthy relationship with food, mind, and body.

Intuitive Eating & Body Image Healing Virtual Support Group

Discover food freedom and body image healing in this hands-on, intimate group experience. You’ll walk away thoroughly understanding what Intuitive Eating is, but more importantly how to practice this newfound food freedom in your everyday life. You’ll also learn how to handle common food struggles with less anxiety and more ease. Practices to build-inner confidence, self-compassion, and a healthy body image will be intertwined throughout all group sessions.