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Are Your Too-Small Jeans Keeping You Stuck?

I used to have this pair of jeans.

They were tiny and not representative of my body’s true frame, like at all.

But I clung onto them.

For the simple fact that they were small, I used to be able to fit into them and to be totally honest because I hoped to maybe be able to wear them again…

But then, one random day, I realized I was never going to wear them again.

And, it was more than OK.

Because the crazy things I did to fit into them weren’t worth it anymore.

The calorie counting, the excessive exercise, the body bashing, the food fears. It was exhausting.

So, I got rid of the jeans.

I donated them to Goodwill.

And you know what?

It was one of the most freeing things I’ve ever friggin’ done.


What we’re not told.

We’re always told not to compare ourselves to others. Their success, their body size, or their happiness, according to Instagram or Facebook. And that’s all 500% true.

But what we’re not told is not to compare ourselves to our former selves.

Holding onto how we used to look, feel, or be. Feeling bad because we used to fit into that dress. We used to feel more toned. We used to look younger, have less wrinkles, or “be able to eat like that…”

Yes, you can find inspiration by tapping into your former self. But, if you’re hanging out in the past, you’re keeping yourself stuck.

Because the reality is you’re not your former self. You’ve grown, evolved, and changed and done some pretty amazing things. You’re not the same person you used to be.

Maybe you birthed a child, learned how to chill out, or became happier. Or, you triumphed through a hard year or finally finished that project. Or, you made the leap to heal your relationship with food and your body. Or, you took that trip, found a new loving community or partner, or had that difficult conversation. And the list could go on.

These are all amazing things


Give yourself a break.

It’s OK to let go of who you used to be. And to look at all the amazing things you’ve done and are doing now. It doesn’t matter if it’s one thing or 33 things. By focusing on all the good stuff in your life now, you allow yourself to step into who you’re actually becoming.

And who you’re becoming depends on so much more than a pair of too-small jeans.

Trust me, I know.

So, if there’s anything that’s keeping you stuck in your past, promise me you’ll do the very thing you need to do the most – let it go.

Or, donate it.

There are much bigger, greater things out there awaiting you. I promise.