5 Questions to Increase Your Happiness

When was the last time you sat down and thought about what you REALLY wanted out of life?

Today, we’re answering hundreds of emails a day, texting rapidly, returning calls, attending meetings, making appointments, picking up and dropping off kids, making meals, grocery shopping … and the list could go on and on. At the end of the day, how often do you find yourself saying, “If only there were more hours in a day?” Likely, quite a bit.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

You can slow down. Take a breathe. Do some reflecting and see what you need to feel healthier and happier in your skin.

Below is an exercise to help you do just that.


How to Increase Your Happiness in 5 Simple Steps

 Grab a pen and paper. It’s list time. 


1. What makes YOU happy?

An hour of “me” time per day? Exercising daily? Reading? Whatever floats your boat, write it down.


2. What things make you happy that you aren’t doing?

Think hard about this, pull from the list above.


3. What things are you doing that don’t make you happy?

Keeping people in your life that bring you down? Always putting others before you? Staying in a position just because it’s comfortable? Be honest. Let it flow.


4. What can you eliminate from point 3?

Yes, change is difficult, but guess what? If you’re not happy, then something has got to change or else you’ll stay exactly where you are and if you’re reading this, you likely want something to change.


5. What can you add back into your life and when will you do that?

See what you jotted down from question #2? These things are calling you from your heart. See what you can add back in. Make time for them. They’re more important than you think. Somewhere along the line, you forgot about you. Add a little bit of YOU back and watch your happy grow;)


So…what will you add back??