S1 Ep. 18: Heather Caplan on Pregnancy, Motherhood, Life Transitions & Body Changes

A sneak-peek clip of the show…

Heather Caplan, Mom, Dietitian and Running Coach, joins me for an episode of HeartSpace Podcast that’ll make you feel like you just sat down for coffee (or wine) with two of your good girlfriends. Inside the show we get real and talk pregnancy, body changes through life changes, motherhood, life transitions, eating disorder recovery, intimacy after childbirth, how success doesn’t come without failure, and so much more. You’re in for a treat!

Inside the episode we discuss:

  • How body responds after childbirth
  • Body changes during and after pregnancy
  • Heather’s personal story of an eating disorder
  • Having kids
  • Body changes through life changes
  • Life transitions and grieving old chapters, while making room for new ones
  • How social media images affects how we think pregnancy should look
  • Judgement V empathy
  • New motherhood
  • Going back to work as a new mom
  • Relationships after baby
  • Intimacy after childbirth
  • Making time for a relationship after kids
  • Running a business with confidence
  • Job loss
  • Allowing yourself to try and see what happens
  • Why action matters in creating our dream lives
  • Why you need to be OK with something failing
  • Showing up for others who show up for you
  • How success doesn’t come without failure
  • Why to start before you’re ready