S1 Ep. 10: Jessi Haggerty on Career, Body Image & Health at Every Size (HAES)

“Asking yourself, ‘Why do I feel the need to be doing this right now?’ Because movement can be such a powerful tool to support so many different things from anxiety to body image. Ask yourself, ‘Am I doing this because I’m trying to tame or sculpt my body (which isn’t a thing by the way)?’ … Or, ‘Am I doing this because it actually makes me feel really good in my body and I feel better after I do it?’ And also knowing that those answers might change. One day yoga might feel really awesome and then the the next day it might not feel so great. We’re not static beings.” ~Jessi Haggerty

Jessi Haggerty, registered dietitian, intuitive eating counselor, certified personal trainer, and host of The BodyLove Project Podcast, joins me for a refreshingly honest conversation on HeartSpace. You’re in for a treat!

Inside the episode we discuss: 

  • Jessie’s personal story on crafting her career
  • Transitioning from a weight loss practice to a wellness practice
  • How thinness doesn’t equate happiness
  • Healing body image through movement
  • Stigmatization of larger bodies
  • What health at every size (HAES) really means
  • How diet culture can keep you stuck in a trap
  • Representation of different body sizes
  • How to not harm with fitness
  • How to make fitness less bodycentric
  • Why it’s never about the weight
  • Why body size doesn’t factor into if someone has an eating disorder
  • Releasing other people’s opinions of us
  • Why healing your body image is a process and not an overnight thing
  • Why what we say about bodies matter
  • Focusing on other parts of your life beyond body and food
  • Why diets don’t work
  • Why the foods you eat don’t make you good or bad
  • Getting to know your body
  • How to start feeling more free in your body
  • Focusing on what brings you joy in your body
  • Understanding why you’re doing things