S2 Ep. 15: Healing Generational Food & Body Image Issues with Karen Diaz

Karen Diaz, Dietitian, Intuitive Eating Coach, and Author, joins me for an insightful, though-provoking episode of HeartSpace. In the show, we talk: how to prevent harmful beliefs about food and bodies being passed down to kids and future generations, connecting your body with your emotions to better your healing journey, how to handle emotionally triggering food and body comments, cultivating empathy to help heal your relationship with food and your body, how to get your needs met, and more! It’s a show you don’t want to miss.

More specifically, we talk:

  • The birth of her book
  • Helping moms heal their own relationship with food & body
  • Why their is no age limit for eating disorders
  • How to handle food and body image comments when you’re actively trying to heal your relationship with food & body
  • Shedding diet culture V waging war on diet culture
  • Checking your assumptions
  • How we all have different struggles
  • Taking back your power to heal
  • Cultivating empathy in your healing journey
  • Protecting your energy against negative people
  • How to get your needs met
  • Creating boundaries to be your strongest
  • Connecting your body and emotions
  • Intuition V fear
  • The idea of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes
  • How to prevent harmful beliefs about food & body being passed down to kids and future generations
  • Why brining your kids along in your food and body image healing journey can be helpful in their own journey
  • Why you don’t want to put a timeline on your healing