S2 Ep. 6: Thoughts, Feelings & Perfectionism with Kara Loewentheil

Kara Loewentheil, joins me for an episode of HeartSpace Podcast that is going to blow your mind. Seriously. Kara is a Certified Master Coach for high-achieving feminist women. Inside this episode, she shows you why (and how) happiness is available to you now, how your thoughts change your feelings, and why “there” is NO BETTER than here. If you’re someone who is always striving to be perfect (get the better job, the better partner, the better body, etc.), OR if you’re someone who has it all and still isn’t happy…. THIS is an episode you want to listen to ASAP.

More specifically, we talk:

  • Why confidence comes from changing the way you think
  • Why you can’t get confidence from anything external
  • Kara’s personal story of how and why she got into this work
  • Why you can do “all the things” and still feel shitty
  • Moving from the victim mindset to the empowerment mindset
  • How thoughts cause your feelings
  • How Kara changed her money mindset
  • Moving through perfectionism
  • Why you can feel good about yourself now
  • Switching from a self-focused view to an “others point of view” and why this is important
  • Separating worth from accomplishments or what other people think of you
  • Why “there” is NO better than here
  • Neutral thoughts and how to practice them
  • Why affirmations don’t work
  • How to move through negative emotions
  • Why we avoid negative emotions
  • How to process an emotion
  • Self-love
  • Body image
  • Deprogramming your brain from thinking weight loss will solve all your problems or make you feel better
  • Why losing weight or changing your external world won’t fulfill you and why you need to change your brain instead
  • Patriarchy and physical appearance
  • Why and how external things do need determine your feelings
  • How your thoughts change your feelings
  • Why happiness is available to you now… yes, really