S2 Ep. 1: Finding Food Freedom with Corinne Dobbas

In this special episode to kick off HeartSpace Podcast Season 2, I’m sharing an episode I did with Ana Kinkela, Women’s Leadership Coach, for her podcast, The Wild Soulcast.

Inside the show, we talk:

  • The difference between diet culture and the practice of intuitive eating, and how diet culture serves patriarchal ideals and prioritizes size and weight over women truly feeling good in their bodies
  • How using “willpower” can eventually sabotage your efforts and goals, and why willpower doesn’t encourage you to develop a deeper relationship with your body
  • How our self worth and body size become interdependent in this culture and why it’s important to break free from this dynamic to build a deeper love of self within us.
  • What the grieving process looks like when you decide to ditch the diets and try intuitive eating
  • How diet culture actually replicates an abusive relationship, and how to start breaking free
  • Actionable steps that you can start taking now and common obstacles that you might encounter as you start to explore intuitive eating
  • Why nurturing the energy of curiosity can make all the difference in shifting your relationship with food and your body
  • And MUCH MORE!