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Some Loving Inspiration

5 Surprising Questions for Body Love

This piece was originally a guest post I wrote for The Body Book     Women come to me to transform their relationship with their body and ultimately, themselves.   They’re tired of not feeling good enough, exhausted from trying to figure out how to eat “right,” and they’re ready to end the body bashing.   Sound familiar?   Here’s the thing, feeling good in your skin isn’t about being a size 2, it’s about nourishing your soul from the inside out and appreciating who you are (exactly as you ...

What to do if You Hate Counting Calories

Counting points, calories, carbs or protein can absolutely help you lose weight. But this post is for people looking for something different. A way to be accountable, but not by numbers. If you don’t want to “feel judged” or “get crazy” about going over or under your daily allotments (whether in points, calories, or macros), keep reading. As always take what you like. Leave what you don’t. This is all about making it work for  you.     1. Make time to fuel Most tracking apps don’t include times, ...