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101 Ways to Practice Self-Love

101 Ways to Practice Self-Love

Self-love is a tricky thing. We all want it. We all need it.

But, how do we get it? Because it’s not just something you can go to the store to buy.

Below you’ll find a list of 101 things on how to practice self-love. Ranging from things you can do, videos you can watch, podcasts you can listen to, ways of thinking you can adopt, books you can read, challenges you can do, mindset shifts you can use, and much, much more.

As always, read with an open mind, try new practices, and keep what works for you and leave what doesn’t. Because really that’s what it’s all about. But, if you never try, you’ll never know … but more importantly, you’ll never grow.


101 Ways to Practice Self-Love

1. When you wake up, set an intention for your day.

2. Turn down free-time activities that don’t light you up inside.

3. Write down something you’re grateful for each day in a journal. Or use an app, like this one.

4. Do something kind for someone else.

5. Forgive someone.

6. Forgive yourself. Check out this free guided forgiveness meditation to help.

7. Believe that everyone is doing the best they can with what they know with where they are right now (this will be life-changing, I promise).

8. Meditate. Here’s a great app to start.

9.  Really breathe: inhale for 5 full seconds. Hold your breath for 5-full seconds. Exhale for 5-full seconds. Repeat 3-5 times.

10. Read a chapter in a good juicy book.

11. Listen to an inspiring TED talk. Here are the 20 most popular TED talks of all time. I love this one on vulnerability, this one on a model talking about real beauty, this one on how your body language shapes who you are, this one on why you do what you do (so good), and this one on your creative genius … and fear.

12. Smile – the action alone makes you feel happier.

13. Schedule a massage.

14. Finally see a therapist.

15. Or book an appointment with a coach.

16. Hang out and breathe in child’s pose.

17. Inhale and exhale in frog pose for 7-10 full breaths or 2-5 minutes. This will help relieve stress and anxiety. On your exhales, imagine letting go whatever is no longer serving you.

18. Get your nails done.

19. Give someone a compliment.

20. Have a good solid cathartic cry – holding it in isn’t doing you any good.

21. Watch this beautiful talk by Kris Carr on what it means to live a crazy sexy life … it’s not what you think…

22. Shift your perspective to gratitude, always. Watch this, if you’re not feeling inspired.

23. Hug someone. Yes, really.

24. Take a nap and be OK with it.

25. Schedule a day where you do whatever you want. Stop waiting. Because it’ll never be the “right time.” You need to make time.

26. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a long time.

27. Focus on what you love about your body – not what you wish you could change. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

28. Get real. Share how you truly feel, kindly, compassionately, open-heartedly, and lovingly.

29. Don’t take anything personally. People do and say things for so many reasons … that have nothing to do with you. Don’t let their “stuff” weigh you down.

30. Start a journal with your favorite quotes and read a few every day.

31. Finally, let go of the person you used to be. It’s OK (and a good thing) to grow and change.

32. Be kind when someone is being mean.

33. Try a new workout that you’ve been wanting to, but haven’t because you think you can’t.

34. Take a bath.

35. Clean and organize your desk.

36. Donate clothes and shoes that you haven’t worn in over a year.

37. Give away household items and clutter you haven’t used in forever – you’ll feel so much lighter.

38. Make yourself dinner. Maybe even enjoy it with a glass of wine. And sit in silence or with some beautiful groovy tunes, truly savoring each and every bit of your dinner and sip of your wine – allow yourself to unwind and appreciate your meal.

39. Go for a hike.

40. Sit in nature – even better if in the sun.

41. Allow yourself to sit in your body and to really listen to your body and what it needs.

42. Quit the things that you don’t want to be doing anymore.

43. Drop your phone and truly engage socially.

44. Plan a game night with friends.

45. Take a day trip.

46. Let go of whatever happened yesterday.

47. Let go of what could happen tomorrow. And focus on your now.

48. Use others as your mirror – when you point a finger you have 3 pointing back – how can YOU grow from someone else’s action?

49. Say, “NO,” without the urgent need to explain why. The people who are meant to be in your life will understand.

50. Write a letter to someone you love and send it.

51. Write a letter to your future self about your goals and dreams and all the good that’s going on for you right now and what you want your future self to remember.

52. Forgive your parents.

53. Forgive (and let go of) all the people who have said not-so-nice things about your physical body. That’s just your body – your being – not your soul – or who you really truly are. And if they’re saying mean things, trust me, that has to do with where they are, not with where YOU are.

54. Listen to the words you say to yourself. Choose to bring yourself back to reality by asking if you’d ever talk to another woman (your sister, daughter, mother, aunt, or bff) like the way you talk to yourself.

55. Then … talk to yourself like you’d talk to another woman you love in your life.

56. Realize we all mess up. That’s a part of life and if you don’t, you’re not doing life right.

57. Embrace failure. Use it to grow, not sink.

58. Stop judging yourself and start observing. That judgement just keeps you in fear and when you’re in fear you can’t see clearly enough to make the best decisions for what you need and where you want to go.

59. Start using these 11 phrases more.

60. Read one of these 8 life-changing books.

61. Throw away your scale and any clothes you’re keeping until you “get to that size.” Stop waiting on the weight and live your life now – you’re not getting any more of it.

62. Realize that happiness is an inside job. Thin people can be unhappy, wealthy people can be unhappy, beautiful people can be unhappy. Feeling healthy, happy, and grounded comes from inside work – not outside things.

63. Speak your truth. If you need some inspiration, read this post.

64. If you have problems communicating your truth or what you need, check out this post to give you a “recipe” on how to do this with grace.

65. Let go (and relax!) about your cellulite, muffin top, and too-small pants. Instead, get yourself some body love by trying any number of these 25 things I do to love my body. I promise, you’ll be better off with these than with just bashing yourself. Last time I checked that did no one any good.

66. As cliche as it sounds, buy yourself your favorite flowers. There’s a reason it’s so cliche…

67. Got out with a girlfriend and don’t talk calories, body image, too big or too small – connect on a soul level and most importantly, have fun.

68. Begin to remove “downers” in your life by simply seeing them less and less. Overtime, they’ll fade.

69. Binge watch your favorite TV series. Sometimes that brainless pleasure is exactly what you need.

70. Try something totally new – a puzzle, a workout class, a cooking class, a recipe, a painting, etc. Break out of your comfort zone and mix it up. You’ll feel stronger and heck, even more brave.

71. Buy a new outfit you adore. On that note, don’t buy anything to just have it. You want to love and feel good in how you dress your body.

72. Have more soul conversations that give you that warm ooey-gooey connected feeling inside. Here’s the Conversation Starters appI use this along with the 36 Questions app to start some of these conversations. I love both of them, equally. You can use these when out with friends, on a road trip, or heck, even with a date! There’s no better way to get to know someone … I think.

73. Allow yourself to feel your emotions – and not stuff them away. Recognize that this may feel like it sucks, but not everything is supposed to be rainbows and unicorns.

74. Also recognize that we all feel and process in different ways. You may need to meditate or journal, while your bff or partner needs to workout or talk it out to move through a difficult time, conversation, or feeling.

75. If you’re feeling really down, read this. It’s been one of my most popular posts. See? You’re not alone.

76. Empathize. The most powerful thing you can do for someone is say, “Me too.” NOT judge or lecture. Everyone just wants to be heard, understood, and to feel important.

77. Realize you’re more beautiful than you think. Don’t believe me? Watch this.

78. Let music move you to a beautiful new place of self-acceptance. Take a look at one of my favorite music videos and messages here.

79. Make a meditation space in your home. Journals. Pillows. Candles. Inspirational notes. Whatever floats your boat. And the most important part – use it.

80. Ditch calorie counting. And try something that actually lasts, like mindful eating.

81. Ask a key player in your life what they love about you.

82. Stop thinking in such black and white terms. Give yourself a break – and play in the grey.

83. Give the idea that “things don’t happen to you; they happen for you” a chance.

84. Say, “YES,” to something you normally would say “NO” to. Break your mold and keep an open mind – because you never know until you try.

85. Write the article. Try for the job. Ask for the date. Speak your truth. Sign up for the race. And view it all as growth and bravery because it is.

86. Sign up for a program, a course, or a class.

87. Plan (and take) a legit vacation – away from email, social media, and any and all work.

88. If you’re on a budget, consider a staycation.

89. Before you go to sleep, let your worries, anxiety, and stress (or to-do lists) melt away by bullet-pointing what’s on your mind in a journal or on a notepad, letting your concerns out on paper, instead of on your mind … so you can sleep.

90. Make your lunch and snacks for the next day.

91. Put an end to comparing yourself to others.

92. Let get of assuming what others are thinking or feeling. If you have questions or concerns, ask and speak up. Be brave. Over 90% of the time, you’ll find that you’re assuming and you’re wrong, or that it has nothing to do with you.

93. Dance alone. Dance with others. It doesn’t matter. Just dance around to any music you love. I bet you’ll find yourself smiling and free. And that is some beautifully fun self-love right there.

94. Get to know your dreams. If a genie granted you 3 wishes that would come true, what would they be? Think about it and get inspired here.

95. Know that not everyone is going to like you – no one likes everyone – and that’s OK.

96. Honor the fact that you’re human. You’re going to have good days, bad days, and in-between days, and it’s all groovy, normal, and a fact of life.

97. Take to heart that you’re worth it. You have something different and unique to offer to others, yourself, and to the world. It’s your job to find what that is and to honor it. And yes, you do have something different and unique. Let your creative mind run free.

98. Remember that relationships are meant for us to grow. People come in and out of our lives to teach us what we need to learn. Not all relationships – friendships, romantic relationships, and jobs – are meant to last. Usually when the growth is over, so is the relationship. Feel your feelings, but honor the lesson.

99. Envision – each and every day – where you want to go in your life and most importantly, how you want to feel. And remember only YOU know what’s best for you. Not your partner, your best friend, your boss, your parents, or your bookclub members. And especially not people who don’t really know you. YOU (and only you) are in charge of you.

100. Remember to live believing each and every one of us is doing the best we can with what we have with where we are right now, including yourself.

101. Take my 10-day self-love challenge (p.s. it’s totally free).

What will you take from this list? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

With so much love XXO