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Some Loving Inspiration

10 Reminders Any Woman on a Wellness Journey Needs to Remember About Food

When I was deep in my body-shaming days, I was obsessed with women’s mags and online articles, touting the latest cellulite-busting, waist-whittling, six-pack designing diets. And celeb rags talking about their weight loss and hot-bod secrets? I ate them up, like thick butter-drenched slices of French bread … just like a carb-craving (hungry) woman … after swearing off bread for a week.   My dysfunctionally functional relationship with food and my body was – well – one of the reasons I got into the nutrition field. I wanted to learn ...

Feeling Like a Loser? Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

  When I first started on my (spiritual) journey, I was naive. At the same time, I was beating myself up and occasionally, felt like a loser.   I believed the more I challenged the beliefs holding me back, reframed my thoughts for the better, mediated, prayed, practiced mindfulness, lived self-kindness, moved my body out of love, and spoke my truth –  I’d be in a constant state of amazing energy. I wasn’t always in a constant state of amazingness. Did these things help me stay in a good place? ...